Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Stop, London Town

After 1 book, 2 inflight movies, 3 awful airplane meals, 4 trashy mag's and 5 hours of sleep cuddled in my cashmere scarf & "do not disturb signs" aka eye mask & ear phones, we finally arrived in the United Kingdom. We touched down at Heathrow Airport to a winter wonderland. Snow was falling which is rare for London and I was thanking god I had just bought a new wool coat because it was a bitter 20 degrees! My dad and I were greeted by my cousins Manal & Rami and they drove us over the apartment we were renting which was located in Butlers Wharf (the financial area). Butlers Wharf, located on the South bank of the Thames River is just downstream of Tower Bridge. It was built in the 19th century and previously was a warehouse complex and shipping wharf. It had once contained the largest tea warehouse in the world, although since the 80's, Butlers Wharf has been transformed into luxury flats with shops and restaurants on the ground floors. I was really excited to visit a new part of London that in previous trips I had not discovered before.
Amazing View of the Tower Bridge From Our Balcony
Dad in the Kitchen
We only had a one full day in London before we were heading to Cairo so we woke early, got all bundled up and headed out to walk around. We walked through Soho on Carnaby Street, up and down Bond St. admiring all the amazing flagship designer stores and we lingered in Harrods for hours to get out of the cold! We also found our way over to the Big Ben,TOPSHOP (my fav!) The School of Art & The London Eye.
Later that night I met up with Manal, Rami and Amir again to say my goodbyes and for dinner at Nando's, another one of my London fav's! I was happy to say id see them again soon, as I would be back to London for another week after Egypt. 
New Vintage Steez
Check out the new sunnies my cousin Magdi so kindly gifted me!
Dad and I met up with Magdi for Tea and he surprised me with these Christian Dior Vintage Shades seen here on Miss Rihanna. 
They are Fabulous if I do say so myself! Thank you Mags + Tamer! 
{If you didn't see the BFF Friday post on Magdi and his business endeavors, check it out here}
* Steez : Someone's unique style; the way someone dresses or acts
Definitions may vary

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  1. awesome photos Gigi, and those sunglasses are epic!!