Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Guide to Sexy Summer Legs!

6 Easy Steps! Exfoliate, Creme, Shave, Soothe, Faux Tan, Shine.

For me, Summertime doesn't just mean that the heat is rising. Hemlines go up, easy flirty dresses fill my closet and cut-off shorts are my go-to when running out the door for a quick errand. That being said, I try to keep my stems well kept so I can enjoy showing them off during these warmer months. Lately I have been rotating the above products which include trusty drug store finds, earth friendly oil's and cremes, as well as a department store splurge. There is nothing sexier than a tan, glowing leg {am I right?}, and these products will help get you well on your way, with seducing scents to boot! Enjoy :)