Friday, January 29, 2010

BFF Friday!

Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey....As I sit here and try to explain why This BFF Friday is dedicated to my amazing friend Lindsey Macfee no words suffice. I met her through her sister Justine a few years back when I lived and worked with her in Lake Tahoe. I moved in with her family the summer after I came home from studying abroad in Italy and after we hung out once, it was clear that it was just the beginning of a long lasting friendship. There is no doubt that we always have a unexplainable amount of fun when we are together. Of course, I say that about all my friends and the level of fun only rises when all the BFF's are together, although the friendship that Lindsey and I have formed in a short span of 3 years is one that I hold very close to my heart!
 (Insert awwwww's here) 
From Mexico to Vegas, San Francisco, Oregon, Tahoe, LA and beyond Lindsey and I could write a book about our hilarious experiences, encounters and well, bad decisions, which are known to make for great stories. One encounter that comes to mind is when we arrived at Lauren Conrad & Audrina's house warming party only to be bombarded by the MTV camera's, Brody Jenner's juicer and Justin Bobby's motorcycle. We looked at each other, laughed and swiftly excused ourselves from the raging bash! (ha)
 Lindsey's confidence, intelligence, wicked style and passion for life are just a few of the reasons that make her such a inspiring person to me. Being my junior (she just celebrated her 22nd Birthday this past Tuesday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDS!) I look up to her in many ways and only hope we share many more life experiences together in the future! 
Cheers To You! 
Keep reading to get to know Lindsey a little better...
This or That with L-Mac
Fantasy or Reality?
Fantastic reality! Live in the now, dream big for the future! 
Mashed Potatoes or French Fries?
Kombucha….. just kidding I’m not that annoying, french fries!…. But I do drink a Kombucha everyday.  
Sofa or Loveseat?
Oooooh loveseat.
Necktie or Bow-Tie?
Although it is less material, a bow tie is SO much more. 
Pilot or Passenger?
Private passenger…. And Justine will fly.
Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?
Siiiigh….. I guess Miley because I do party in the U.S.A.
Pulp or No Pulp?
Glass of OJ: pulp.
Mimosa: no pulp. 
Town or City?
San Francisco.
Super Hero or Super Villain?
Super hero! Good will prevail! Positivity will change the world! 
Shaken or Stirred?
I don’t drink martinis, but any shot I order is chilled, so shaken I suppose.
Sun or Stars?
“I got a date with the niiiiight!” –yeah yeah yeahs 
Collar: Popped or Regular?
Popped on a flannel… the only collared shirts I really wear. But if I see anyone with a bright or pastel colored shirt on and that shit is popped……. No soup for you.
Clothes or Accessories?
Clothes AND a shit load of accessories. 
Shower or Bath?
Shower. Baths are… dirty. 
Ping-Pong or Pool?
I’m a bit too spazzy to have any bit of control with that tiny ping-pong paddle, so pool… a few drinks and some feigned confidence usually does the trick. I’ll kill it for a while, but it usually only takes a couple missed shots for my opponent to realize I’m full of shit.
Silver or Gold?
Both… together! My mom always taught me to mix metals, despite the fashion rules, which I tend to completely disregard as I currently wear black skinnies with tan leather moccasins and a red Ralph Lauren flannel of my boyfriend’s. I don’t like rules. 


  1. Oh I love! I bet shopping with Lindsey is an experience for sure! :)

  2. no soup for you! love it.

    ps kombucha bottles make the best water bottles. they are glass, easy to throw in the dishwasher, and you're not heartbroken if you lose them (sigg/nalgene with sentimental stickers etc). soak em in hot water and peel the label off, and you're stylish and green.