Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coppin' Her Clobber - Whitney Port

As an L.A. Girl transplanted to New York City, Whitney Port has legitimized herself as a designer and gained respect in the N.Y. Fashion Scene. I have had a HUGE Style Crush on this reality T.V. star dating back to when she was even on "The Hills" and of course her style evolved as she moved to "The City." It is a little edgier version of another one of my muse's, Serena Van der Woodsen. I came across this photo of Whitney strolling the streets of N.Y. on her blackberry and immediately had to mimic the outfit. Not everyone can wear boyfriend jeans, (myself included) that's why it was important for me to throw in a alternative thrashed skinny which will give a similar look. {Tip: NEVER force a trend if you know it's not the right fit for your body type, it will never look good} Hope you enjoy my version of this laid back look and keep an eye out for the next "Coppin' Her Clobber" Who knows, the next outfit we mimic might be of you! 
* Clobber : English slang for clothes. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Motherland

I took my first trip to Egypt when I was just 13 years old. 
Now, 13 years later I finally made it back to visit my family and friends who I had missed dearly. With my father being from Cairo it is very important for me to know my heritage and experience the amazing culture and beauty that Egypt has to offer. Everyone welcomed us with a loving embrace and showed my dad and I a fabulous time! Here are some of the highlights from our trip! Enjoy.
Our first day trip outside of Cairo was to Ain Sukknah, a town on the Red Sea Coast.  About 2 hours outside of the Cairo, its a great day trip to escape the unfortunate pollution that surrounds the city and breathe nice clean ocean air! We met up with friends of my family at their home for tea & sweets followed by dinner at Porto Sukknah. 
I was invited to a traditional Egyptian wedding with my Cousin Hannah, her cousin Dina and grandmother Magda. The wedding took place at the beautiful Sofitel El Gazirah Hotel on the Nile River complete with Belly Dancers, Singers, A traditional Parade introducing the bride and groom and get this, a sushi bar (Not so traditional). I enjoyed raiding the dessert buffet, my favorite Egyptian sweet is Balah el sham, so naughty but SO good! The singer, pictured above is a famous entertainer who is known for bringing his entourage of dancers (all shapes and sizes as you can see). They were so entertaining and hilarious, we had a great time!
Our next trip outside of Cairo was to Alexandria, also known as the Pearl of Mediterranean. Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria was the capital of Egypt for nearly one thousand years.
I was so happy to be there to celebrate my cousin Noha's birthday. She had a big party with a singer and band who preformed famous Egyptian songs all night long!
I got to meet my little cousins Mo & Hoda, the cutest! 
I spent the day at the Pyramids, riding camels through the desert and stopping for many fabulous photo opts! 
Loved all the traditional clothing :) Sequins & Sparkles galore!
New Years Eve Show back in Cairo. 
Decompression time, on the flight back to London taking it all in & being so thankful I have family to visit all over the world! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Friend and Creator of LaGoldenOne Eva Holbrook sits down to answer a few questions exclusively for Gigi Ouf THE BLOG! She touches on her love for Egyptian & Indian Fashion, why she started making these fabulous head pieces and who's wearing them around town! Check out the interview below! 
Gigi : What inspired you to start LA Golden One?
Eva: I have always been fascinated with jewelry. My great grandmother, Eva Rodwell, was a jewelry collector. She scoured estate sales for 40 years to amass a collection that was pure magic to me as a little girl. I absolutely love Egyptian and Indian fashion- the colorful dresses, elaborate headpieces and luxurious fabrics give me such inspiration. I created a piece for myself using old costume jewelery and wore it out the following night to a party. I could not BELIEVE the response I recieved from both men and women. I even had a party-goer want to purchase the piece right off my head! That was the night I that started LaGoldenOne. Knowing that I could not embark on this venture alone, I enlisted the talent of my business and creative savvy best friend- Gia. This is when LaGoldenOne really blossomed into a real thing. We both started totally vibing off each other’s ideas and from there it was endless for us. We enjoy having a fun creative outlet to explore and LaGoldenOne is the perfect opportunity to do that.  
G: How does the city you live in effect your style?
E: It affects every aspect of our style! Both being raised in Los Angeles, we are true California girls. We love mixing and matching, bright colors, prints, and lucky vintage finds. Anyone who knows me will vouch that I am #1 bargain shopper. I LOVE a good deal which is why we keep LaGoldenOne price point reasonable. We want to give all girls the opportunity to have one! You can wear LaGoldenOne on a Sunday with a flowing dress and sandals or you can wear it Friday night with black skinny jeans, stilettos and a sparkly top. It all depends on what type of LaGoldenOne you are.
G: When was your first memory of an interest in Fashion/Jewelry?
E: My first memory of fashion was from when I was a child. Gia and I were both dancing at a very young age, getting all dressed up in shiny costumes and putting on recitals. Thats when I knew I loved to be fashionable. Draped in black lace using a turquoise and gold necklace as a crown, my favorite character to play was Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt.  She embodies the ultimate beauty, glamour and confidence. Thats what we want anyone wearing LaGoldenOne to possess.
G: What is your birthstone? Would you consider that your favorite gem/jewel?
E: Both Gia and are Gemini’s so our birthstone is the pearl. Although we both love pearls, for me the emerald is by far one of my favorite jewels EVER. Gia loves ruby and sapphire. But, I love those too!!! There are so many      beautiful stones that to choose a favorite is difficult. Turquoise is also a beautiful stone that we use in many of our pieces.
G: How long does it usually take for you to create one of you headpieces?
E: It depends on the piece were making. When were in the experimenting phase, which is pretty much all the time we can work hours on end. 
G: Are you interested in expanding your brand?
E: We are VERY interested in expanding the brand but we are taking it slow. Currently, we are working on a little girls line called LaGoldenChild. Really cute headbands for girls 8-14. So all the mommy's should look out for that!
G: Any celebrity's rocking an LaGoldenOne?
E: Honestly, we haven’t had time to do press yet! We have a few friends in the limelight wearing them out. Our gurl Brittny Gastineau has been wearing hers around town- she twitterd about us the other day! Thx Brit!! We do have a few things lined up so you'll be seeing LaGoldenOne being worn around very soon…
G: What are some websites & blogs you go to that give you inspiration that I can share with my followers?
E: I love reading  I’m obsessed with prince pelayo and you will be too!
I also love  she is such a fabulous fashonista.
For a good laugh I turn to  He’s hilarious and I love him.
Eva In her LaGoldenOne
{You can see more of the pieces & purchase an LaGoldenOne from their website here. Also, check out Nicole Richie's new line, Winter Kate - a great line to compliment these gorgeous headpieces!}

Tuesday Tunes-Day Volume V.

This week's edition of Tuesday Tunes-Day is inspired by the new hit MTV show, The Buried Life, which follows 4 guys who set out on a journey to complete their list of 100 things they want to do before they die. Goals such as, to longboard down Lombard St. in San Francisco, help deliver a baby, make a toast at at random person's wedding & tell a joke on a late night TV show. I spent a greater portion of my night last night catching up on all the past episodes as well as tuning in for the new episode where the guys headed to Washington D.C to try and play ball with President Barack Obama. Not only is this foursome out on a mission to fulfill their own dreams, but with each stop they make they ask the question to random strangers "What do you want to do before you die." They follow the motto of  "For everything we do on our list, we help a stranger do something on theirs." Each of the guys are absolutely adorable with their own quirky style & personalities (Ben the "Ringleader" of the group has recently been linked with the lovely Whitney Port of The City) but it wasn't just their looks that intrigued me. It is really just one of those feel-good show's that combines humor with a series of good deed's, like performing a sidewalk breakdance show to raise money & buy a new Mac computer for an elementary school teacher's class. Along with all the other great aspects of the show, they always feature new artists & good songs which only compliments each episode! Lucky for me MTV provided all the songs from the past shows and below are my favorite picks! Download away & don't forget to tune in Monday nights on MTV @ 10/9 central. 
"This series explores the exciting wonders of human potential and the exhilaration of going after one's dreams-those dreams too often buried by everyday life. This is the incredible and hard to believe true story of a journey called The Buried Life"- MTV.Com
Ooh Ahh - Grits 
Song For No One - Miike Snow 
Deepend - Swollen Members
Push It - Salt-N-Pepa
Tale Of Two Cities - The Wylde Bunch
Swimming In The Flood - Passion Pit
Ante Up - M.O.P
The W.A.N.D - The Flaming Lips
Any Fun - Coconut Records
Your Woman - White Town
You're So Gangsta' - Chromeo
Little People - The Procussions 
Silvia - Miike Snow 
Probably Nothing - Olivia Broadfield
Strange - Stacy Clark 
Fly - Othello
Ps. What do YOU want to do before you die? Comment Below, you never know who might read this and try and make your dreams come true :) 

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Monday Morning Pick Me Up

After a great weekend filled with wonderful friends, visit from Linds, eventful Saturday; complete with a bowling match, pool game, and a bit of a Rockband sesh, exciting new work opportunities & a charity event which consisted of watching the  Golden State Warriors beat the Atlanta Hawks, I am exhausted and needed a bit more of a pick me up this Monday morning that my regular Café Americano just couldn't fulfill. Enjoy!

The Boys Are Back In Town - Nothing like seeing a dapper group of fella's sitting front row at the Calvin Klein Show at NYFW 2010. As I was not there to witness this, I was excited to come across this photo {here} of a group of some of my favorite men. 
From left to right:  Jared Leto, Chase Crawford, Ryan Phillippe & Kellan Lutz 
I can always count on my good friend, Savannah Todd to keep me 'hip with the pop culture.' She sent me a link to these video's this morning and it was JUST what I needed to put a little hop in my step. Please excuse the raunchy title/lyrics of the second song. 
Hope everyone has a fabulous week! New & Exciting things coming soon to Gigi Ouf THE BLOG so as always, stay tuned! 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Girl From Ipanema

Oh & I forgot to mention that on this vacay the song below will be playing on repeat. Preferably from the stereo of this ahhhmazing amphibious (Kind of like Melissa Shoes) vehicle- The Aquada.
Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking,
And when she passes, each one she passes goes, "Ahhh."
When she walks, she's like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gentle,
That when she passes, each one she passes goes, "Ahhh."
Oh, but I watch her so sadly;
How can I tell her I love her
Yes, I would give my heart gladly,
But each day when she walks to the sea,
She looks straight ahead, not at me.
Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking,
And when she passes, I smile,
But she doesn't see,no she doesn't see,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In The Nude + Subdued

There is no doubt that this Spring the color of the moment, or lack there of, is Nude. Introducing the first of many collage boards featuring my favorite picks & trends. Remember, use these collage boards as guidelines but when it comes down to it, don't forget to dress for your body type and accentuate your best features!
With the help of the beautiful Miss Jessica Stam (shown top left) let me introduce you to 
"In The Nude + Subdued!" Viola! 
Military Silk Shirt Tunic - Pixie Market
Tinted Lip Glass in C-Thru - Mac Cosmetics
Nail Lacquer in Fashion - Lippman Collection 
10" Ankle Skinny Jeans in White - J Brand
Studded Court By Louise Goldin - TopShop
Polka-Dot Silk Dress - Phillip Lim at Bergdorf Goodman
Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses - WeAreHQ
The Grandfather Blouse - Equipment at ShopBop

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

M.K + A = Fashion

They have been coined as the 2000's decade most influential trendsetters. With their first-ever runway show hitting NY Fashion Week this month, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's new clothing line is in fact a dream within a dream. The Row, a sister brand to Elizabeth + James is a heavenly wardrobe with each piece being magnificently tailored making it crazy to think that these twins or "individual pair" as they prefer to be called never attended a proper fashion design school. I truly believe they put their heart and soul into this line (unlike other actresses turned designers) and they already have a unique personal style and incredible wardrobe which many girls (myself included) envy enormously that attracts fashion lovers alone. Just take a look at their new website for The Row, it's sensibility matches their style and compliments the beautiful collections it features. The website store is not yet available, but there is hopes it will be ready to sell their Fall 2010 collection. Check out the footage of some of MK & A's line, The Row in this video below & if you have as big of a style crush on these two as I do, you can visit Olsen Anonymous daily....Like I do ;) 

Monday, February 15, 2010

We Are HQ

My Cousin Magdi (front and center in photo) and his We are HQ family just launched their new and improved site this past weekend. A nod to his favorite show and obsession, LOST, here is a photo of his team! This forum really has something for everyone. From Design, Art, Photography, Music, Trainers & Vintage Sunglasses. Stay updated on the site to find out what's going down in London Town.
Keep reading for a chance to win some Crossover Loot in a Giveaway soon.
Its major. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

BFF Friday!

Dear Lauren,
I don't know if I tell you this enough, but I am so happy you are a part of my life. Not only are you sweet, hilarious, giving, thoughtful and intelligent but you have always been like an older sister to me. I love your passion for life, love and friendships and there is nothing that makes me happier than sitting in a room with you and laughing until our tummy's hurt. The years of memories we have add up to one great time & amazing friendship. I can only hope that this world brings you the best, because you deserve nothing less! I forgot to buy you a birthday card so I hope this will do. I had so much fun at your birthday party last night, you looked SO adorable.
HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY,  I love you!
PS. "I am so proud of the woman that you have become!" ( insert water-works here) - best speech by Lauren Parker at my 21st birthday celebration.
The birthday girl last night at the Academy of Sciences. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Ode To The King of Fashion; Alexander McQueen

"Fashion is like any entertainment industry. It's fickle. I've always seen it in the same light: shallow."
 -Alexander McQueen
A tragic way to start off Fashion Week Twenty Ten. This morning, news broke that Sir Alexander McQueen was found dead in his home in the Green street area of Central London. A true British designer, McQueen will be remembered for his over-the-top runway shows and avant-garde designs. This season, his sky high heels caused quite the stir in the fashion world. Some models even refusing to walk the runways in them scared they would hurt themselves. I enjoyed McQueen's passion for crossing the typical fashion boundaries, always making bold statements with his mind blowing creations and building a legacy that will live on forever. 
Rest In Peace. 

Today Was :

A Good Day Because ;
1. It was cold enough that I got to wear my favorite coat that brought me back to this past December when I was roaming the streets of London and shopping at the Portobello Market.
{Guess Jacket,Bananna Republic Cashmere Scarf,Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses}
2. I got to drive into beautiful San Francisco and see the view of the city from the bay bridge.
3. I lunched at a spot I have been meaning to try; Heavens Dog in SF with my friend Kristina. Fabulous Vietnamese food! A reminder that I live near the most amazing city to dine out and that I have the most amazing and inspiring friends :) Ladies who lunch, thats us! 
4. I got a new iPhone. It's like a fresh start. No numbers, no old e-mails. Usually this would give someone a heart attack but for me, it's a very mind cleansing experience. 
5. I found another great blog! Lacy had commented on one of my blog posts so I inquired to see who she was. To my wonderful surprise I saw that she writes a blog on Fashion + Love inspired by her Great Grandma Edith Saylor. She posts amazing photos & lovely quotes like these. A few of my favorites. 
6. I Celebrated a wonderful friend and client; Elizabeth Silva, for her 40th Birthday with her two lovelies Shelby & Lexie. We bought her a book on Spain so she can read up before she goes to visit! I was so happy to be apart of this milestone celebration and enjoy a sangria margarita and lots of laughs at Maria Maria :) 
7. Three of the people I was with today were on the receiving end of a random/sweet act of kindness. 
First, while Kristina was waiting for me for our lunch date, a random guy gave her a bouquet of beautiful flowers and told her she was pretty.
Second, Lexie's 6th grade boyfriend delivered a bouquet of yellow roses to her house with a note that said : 
Dear Lexie, 
I know it is early but I was so excited to give these to you
Happy Valentines Day 
(Don't worry, this isn't your only gift) 
Love, Grant 
And last but not least, I went to visit my friend Kim at work and she had a beautiful pink rose on her desk. I asked her who her new boyfriend/secret admirer was and she told me that an old lady brought it to her because Kim had let her use her phone.
It was just one of those days that now, while I am laying in my cozy bed, brings a smile to my face. I have so much to be thankful for and I am excited to sleep well and wake up for another beautiful day like today! 
Good Night! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Day Inspi(RED)

5 Ways To Say 'I Love You' To Your Boo! 
1. This Spring it looks like the Top-Siders are making their way back into department stores everywhere. These Gucci Top-Siders bring a little funk to the classic style with this electric red color. Have your guy pair them with his favorite flannel and kakis for a effortless "just got off my yacht" look. 
2. When I worked at Nordstrom I was responsible to rep the Jack Black line. I once was given a sample of this "Beard Lube" and used it to shave my legs. It is so soothing and really makes for an amazing shave. Every guy I have ever gifted this to absolutely loved it and went back to spend the $16.00 it costs for a razor burn free shave. Get your guy this Jack Back Beard Lube  for the most kissable face ;) 

3. I am not over the fedora craze yet, especially this one! 
This Gucci lid is perfect for a day poolside, beachside, vineyard side and with a hot pair of sunglasses you got yourself a Diva in the making. Get excited for the Spring time with this Gucci Fedora for your guy. Just don't share the price tag and he will love how hot he looks in it! 
4. Comune killing it again with this 'James Scarf'. Check out the website here to find this scarf and other great Comune threads.
5. Make sure he keeps his face warm while on the mountain with this Neff Hulk Hogan face mask. Handlebars, so hot right now. 

Wear Lots Of Hats

This past weekend, Justine and I loaded up the Rover and headed up to the mountains for our friend Lauren Parker's birthday festivities & Superbowl madness. The trip started with a quick pit stop to Michaels where Justine played with swords and modeled a shark hat and then Best Buy where we got road trip necessities. The Queen DVD, MJ CD, 5 hour energy, you know the usual.
Justine in her foam shark visor, trend alert!

Once we arrived in Tahoe, we met up with Lindsey and headed over to Squaw Valley. We  lunched at 22 Bistro & Bar, then went to Le Chamios to join everyone as they were having their aprés ski beverage & party to bid the Tahoe residents farewell who are headed to Whistler to compete in the 2010 Winter Olympics. After Chamios we somersaulted over to the Slot, another spot in the village to meet up with friends & take an absurd amount of photos, standard. This blog post is named "Wear Lots Of Hats" for a reason. Keeping your dome warm was clearly on everyone's agenda for the night. It seemed like if you were NOT wearing some sort of hat in this bar, you did not fit in. Notice all the steezy lid's in each picture below. 
The Tri-Pod. Bobbin' our heads like yeah, Justine & Lindsey both in Marc By Marc Jacobs Hat's and Me in a Cara slouchy hat. 
Jeff Denholm in his Waterman's trucker hat. 
Jeremy Yurosek in his "Marco Rocks" hat, supporting his friend Marco Sullivan who is heading to Whistler to compete in the 2010 Olympics. George rocking a Dump Truck Coudure Hat. 
Nate "im-not-excited" Holland, representing his sponsor Monster Energy
Not sure who makes his hat, but it says Rome and Rome is near Milan which is one of the fashion capitals of the world so that gives him a little clout
Fun was had, hats were worn & hat's were lost. 
Until next weekend Tahoe :)