Monday, December 28, 2009

Fashionably Late Notice

I want to apologize to anyone that has been checking up on my blog only to see a very dated post…
Maybe I am giving myself more credit than necessary and really I am being overly optimistic and somewhat vain to think I have regular followers. Nonetheless I have been vacationing through London and on to Cairo Egypt enjoying a long holiday vacation with very limited Internet connection. 
I will try and update my blog as soon as I can translate the abundance of information and amazing experiences I have had that are running through my mind into a post on my blog.
Before I left for my trip something very exciting happened to me :) 
Friday night, December 18th I stayed home in an attempt to pack. Instead of packing, I found myself reading my new book, 
Who What Wear by Katherine Power & Hillary Kerr.
 If you have been following up on my blog you could see that I JUST blogged about this book in my 
Fashion, Fashion, Read All About It post and told my readers it is a must have for anyone interested in Fashion/Styling/Lifestyle trends. 
Naturally, I tweeted about what I was doing, and to my surprise someone was actually out there reading about it, and even cared enough to reply back! 
 And who would this be you might ask? Miss Katherine Power herself! 
I was ELATED as you can imagine. Being a newcomer in the fashion world, to have someone like Katherine Power a former west coast editor of ELLE, ELLE girl, co-creator of and author her own book to even acknowledge my existence brought so much excitement to my morning! 
If you do not know who she is, I suggest you get familiar and check out her website HERE
You'll thank me later.

Here's how our convo went, 
if your not familiar with twitter "RT" means Re-Tweet 

@GigiOuf: Reading @katherinepower's book @whowhatwear with a glass of savvy blanc :) itsss-a-niccceeee!
 @katherinepower: Sounds like a perfect night! RT @GigiOuf: Reading @katherinepower's book @whowhatwear with a glass of savvy blanc :) itsss-a-niccceeee!
from UberTwitter
Stay tuned and hopefully I'll have more time later to blog about my trip, but for now I'm off to the City Star's which is a mall in Egypt with my cousin to help her pick out an outfit for a party we are attending tonight. Details to come. xo

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