Monday, January 18, 2010

JUST IN: Jean Paul Gaultier For Target Lookbook!

Where high fashion meets the masses.
Target has always been known for collaborating with high end designers to give the average consumer a chance to embrace their inner fashionista. I think its a great way for the designers to connect with the masses and give them an opportunity to get a little taste of  the beauty that is High Fashion.
Not everyone can afford to hop down to Rodeo Dr. or Madison Ave. and pick up the new items hot off the runway, although thanks to "Tarjay" now you can!
 Jean Paul Gaultier for Target will be available in stores March 7th 2010.
With pricing ranging from $17.99 to $199.00 for leather pieces, there really is something for everyone!
*My Fav Picks :
1st photo- Outfit to the Right
1st photo-Camel color trench-coat, ahmazzze.
4th photo from the top- Outfit to the Left


  1. my favs are 2nd and 4th photos, outfit to the right. I like that old new 50's look

  2. you know you've made it when dj make a mess reads your blog. xx