Friday, November 20, 2009

BFF Friday!

This BFF Friday is dedicated to someone who is not only a wonderful person & friend but he is also my cousin and really, a brother to me. Born in London, Magdi moved to the US when he was a kid and we first met when we were just little wee ones when our parents lived near each other in Orange County. Other than seeing home videos and pictures I don't remember much of our younger years together, although from watching the videos I saw that Magdi always treated me like a little sister. He was very protective at times, and a bully at others...not much has changed! :) Magdi moved back to London and I did not get to see him again until he was about 16 years old. Mags and his older brother Tamer would come to America to visit our family and stay for about 2 months during the summer. When they were here all they would do was shop for records and 'sneakers' as they called them. We would get in so many arguments regarding his accent and the different words we would use to describe things. I insisted they were called Tennis Shoes although Magdi insured me that they would only be called Tennis Shoes if you actually played Tennis in them. Totally Bullox. Tennis shoes, sneakers whichever you prefer to call them Magdi obsessed over finding the pair or pairs he came to America to get. Years passed and the collection of sneaks Magdi had acquired were no longer fitting in the storage unit he had behind his house, that's when SlamminKicks was born. Mags set up shop in London's SoHo area on Beak St. and shared his collection to the town. Tons of people started to come by to check out these one of a kind sneakers he had been collecting over the years. The store attracted many famous rappers, NBA players and soon enough if you hung out in the shop long enough you could spot guys such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, DJ Premiere, Lupe Fiasco, Baron Davis and more. After his huge success selling sneakers Magdi launched CrossOver, a clothing company worn by these dudes...

The HOV Jay-Z
DJ Premiere
Lupe Fiasco
Other people who passed through SK...
Black Eyed Peas
Kanye West
Out Front SlamminKicks

Recently, Magdi has introduced WEAREHQa website featuring vintage sunglasses, watches, CrossOver clothing and sneakers. I am so excited to go visit Magdi in December in London-Town. We will be celebrating his birthday at a club where he will be DJ-ing and drinking all the red-bulls his heart desires! Magdi is a GREAT catch, and did I mention he's available...Calling all the single ladies...! Sorry Mags, I just had to brag about you :) xo

Here is a fun fact:
 Magdi puts his sneakers on before his undies.Watch this video and you'll see what I mean.

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