Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello, Handsome

{Image via Vogue May 2009}

Since his blonde curly fro and overall donning days in N*Sync I have had more than a kindergarden crush on Justin Timberlake. His talent and style has evolved greatly in the recent years, along with my obsession. I am currently loving this track he produced for Esmeé Denters, his flirtatious ways and sexy swagger in this video make it hard for me to stop playing it on repeat. Chchcheck it out.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tunes-Day Volume IX

That Summer Sensation
By: Heather MacDonald

Hi all, Heather here! This week I’m bringing you Tuesday Tunes-Day from the Southland, as that’s where the fabulous John Mayer was this weekend. His performance was simply too amazing to overlook on Lé Gigi Ouf  The Blog!

The leading man, Mr. J Mayer graced the Hollywood Bowl – a venue that serves as the pulse of Angelino’s hearts in the warm summer months. Nestled in the Hollywood Hills and directly below the Hollywood sign, the bowl’s acoustics fill the air with booming melodies and you simply can’t help but feeling like this is what “making it” in the industry is all about.

After grabbing my best pal's, Mary Bell {left} & Marissa {center} and making a quick pit stop at Trader Joes to get the necessary picnic essentials, we were off to the show! As if the music wasn't enough, the venue’s picnic garden sets a great tone for the entire night and their willingness to let you stroll in with two-buck Chuck in tow make you contemplate permanently moving there.

When the show began, that’s when the real magic happened. John Mayer strolled on stage with legendary pianist, Brad Mehldau, and together they covered The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” with pure swagger. See what I’m talkin’ about directly below :)

Following Mayer’s piano-filled entrance, he held strong throughout the rest of the night with songs like “Why Georgia”, “Heartbreak Warfare”and “Stop this Train” to name a few. In between songs, he told jokes and humble stories that touched the heartstrings of the crowd.

It was truly a night to remember! Many thanks to Gigi for letting me share the experience as a guest blogger. In parting, I leave you the wise words John Mayer left us with Sunday night,

“…it’s ok to crash and burn, just live and learn.”

Xoxo, Heather

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's The Simple Things

{Photo circa 2007, taken in the backyard of my apartment in Florence, Italy}

It's easy to dwell on the little things that irritate you, but how often do you stop to compile a list of the simple things that make you indefinitely happy? Inspired by a post written by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere I decided to take the time to jot down a few of my simple pleasures. While people come in and out of your life who alter your moods and feelings the reality is, you are in control of your own happiness. Without a humble confidence & little reminders of what make you happy the annoyances of life can take over. By taking the time to remind yourself of what those things are undoubtedly will put a smile on your face. I highly recommend everyone make their own list, and you absolutely do not have to stop at 10.

1. Watching and re-watching old home videos
2. My moms infectious laugh
3. Vanilla scented candles 
4. Realizing you have the exact amount of change you need
5. Exchanging smiles with a stranger
6. Sending & receiving thank you notes
7. Playing {and beating} my dad at backgammon
8. Picking up my dry cleaning
9. Peanut butter & fluff sandwiches 
10. Needing only to make eye contact with the person you are with to break out in laughter, because you know exactly what each other is thinking {most commonly happens with Ashley}

Monday, August 16, 2010


Here is the last batch of photos from my trip to Florida {documented here, here & here}. As I mentioned before, visiting the palatial property of 6801 brings back an abundance of childhood memories and is always a nostalgic experience for my mom. I left with my suitcase overflowing with gifts from my Grandma which consisted of all items previously owned by her, my favorite being a purple silk top and a crystal & sterling silver bowl. Although I didn't leave with the coral kaftan & my great Grandma's mink wrap I had my eye on {my Grandma was not ready to give those up yet}, I was able to call 'dibs' on the items I hope get passed down to me one day.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bienvenido a Miami

A few more photos from my day on the boat cruising around the beautiful waters of Florida. {a continuation from my post here} We anchored at Elliot Key for a swim in the crystal clear waters followed by a sunset ride overlooking the lights of Miami. Missing my family in Florida already, but so grateful I was able to spend an amazing 10 days with them all. As my Aunt Jenna would say, "Don't cry that it is over, smile because it happened".

{photos taken by my "Grand-Justus" }

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Can't Pick Your Family

About 40 miles from my Grandma's house in Miami is Hollywood Beach, a funky little beach town my Great Aunt Susan calls home. A few years back my Aunt Susan purchased this eight bedroom beach front hotel {she renovated & currently occupies the entire upper level} which is mostly a place where her family and friends come to gather rather than  being an actual functioning hotel. Summer time in Florida is a mixture between sweltering heat, humidity and random down pour tropical storms. We didn't let a little rain stop us from enjoying swimming in the ocean and my cousin James and I couldn't help but get into our bathing suits for a little midnight escapade and dance along the strand in the warm rain. Even though the entire clan couldn't be there this trip, whenever there is any gathering with my family there is never a dull moment. One of my cousins once said, "You can't pick your family" and in my case, I couldn't have picked a better one.

{pizza box's to shield the rain}
{my beautiful mom}

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Blog: Oscar de la Rent-a-life

Hi hi everyone, Lindsey here. I've decided to commandeer the Ouf's blog since she's currently visiting the fam in Miami (ah, the rough life of a personal stylist). Anyhow, I thought I would share last weekend's experience at the Oscar de la Renta fashion show and benefit for the League to Save Lake Tahoe held at the Fritz lakefront estate. My sister, Justine, mom, Catherine, and myself look forward to this event every year and always have a phenomenal time. This year proved to be no different, although we were missing the Gigi on the guest list.
{Oscar de la Renta fashion show circa 2008}
Last Saturday began with a quick run into Tahoe House, typically our morning stop for the best coffee in town, but that morning was our stop for two bottles of chilled champagne... before 10:30am. We received some looks of curiosity and no doubt judgment, but let's just say they were jealous.
10:45am: All aboard the Saga, a 1930 38' Christ Craft Commuter. Normally a ride on this boat is an event in itself,  but with the captain and co-captain Ed and Deborah Scott joining us at our table, we were lucky enough to use this boat for our commute (ah, clever). Then.... pop the champagne and we're off.
11:30am: Arrive at the picturesque Fritz estate to find the Boucheron hosted bar reception in full swing.... these fashion folk don't mess around when it comes to drinking before noon... evidently me included. We hobnobbed among the SF glitterati and Tahoe locals alike, admiring the details of it all including this season's Oscar dresses adorned by those women, many giant hats, and many, many beautiful pieces of jewelry (but something tells me they weren't wearing their grandmother's costume jewelry as I was).
1pm: We take our seats at table 5 as the show is about to begin. Cue the typically inspiring and perfectly cool beats that Oscar has chosen, and here comes his 2011 Resort collection. Lust-worthy prints, high waisted trousers, embroidered silk blouses, obsess-worthy floor length ruffle dresses, and possibly the perfect flat billed straw hats..... despite the fact that my wardrobe rarely waivers from tones of black and white... I wanted every brightly colored piece that went down the runway. Sigh. The good news? Following the show, lunch and a very high-staked live auction, every guest is invited to admire, try on, and order (should you be so lucky) the clothing back stage.
We say our "hello's", "goodbye's" and "you look amazing's" and we're back on the boat heading towards reality. Attending this event always plants a wishful delight in your head that only high fashion at a lakefront could do to you. Until next year's event, I'll savor these iPhone photos with fond memories and an irrational desire to get my ass in gear and start making some money so this Oscar de la Rent-a-life can become a reality.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Crystal Clear

This past Monday I flew cross country to visit my Grandma {Gan Gan} and the rest of my family here in Miami Florida. As a little girl I spent my summers here {at the same home my mom grew up in} although the past several years I have not been able to visit as often as I would have liked. Every time I come to my grandmas tropical oasis I feel like that little girl again and it reminds me of the seemingly endless summers where I would run through her palm tree forest , go-cart around the property, make up dance routines with my cousins, pick mango's, pineapples & papayas from her tree's, play dress up with her abundance of jewels and clothes, spend hours on end cooling off in the pool and play cards inside once the mid-day tropical rain storms would start. I will always cherish those memories and only hope one day I can bring my kids here to enjoy the same types of summers that I was able to. Here are a few photos from our breathtaking day on the boat yesterday. The water was so crystal clear it felt as if we were in Bora Bora or on some sort of Caribbean island. 
After multiple harassing calls and e-mails I have finally accepted the fact that I am not going to be getting my camera back from the driver who took us up to Napa months ago. I will be setting aside some $$ in hopes to buy a new nifty camera along with a contraption that will permanently attach it to my person since I am the master of losing my camera. In the meantime, the iPhone photos will have to suffice.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This past Sunday I was invited by the lovely people of Modern Luxury Magazine to attend the Vera Wang bridal fashion show at the St. Regis hotel. With all the hype around Chelsea Clinton's wedding and her wearing Vera Wang I was so excited to see some of her dresses in real life. I brought along two of my best friends, Alex and Ashley as well as fellow blogger and friend Liz of Late Afternoon. I have never been the type of girl who fantasizes and obsesses over the 'perfect wedding' although after seeing all the gorgeous gowns, I have to admit I caught myself daydreaming about wearing one of them whilst walking down the aisle to my prince charming. Some gowns can be so gaudy and over the top although even the princess dress designs I typically loathe, Vera was able to make beautiful and chic. I guess it's time for me to start putting aside some serious money so I can wear one of her designs on my wedding day.

Check out the write up on this event that I am featured in on Haute Living