Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get Your Zoe On!

Everyone loves to hate Rachel Zoe. Yes she says idiotic-ly hilarious things in her valley girl twang like,"Brad, your bow-tie is banana's" and "I lit-er-ally die for these tranny heel's" but let's face it, her clients are consistently on the Red Carpet's "Best Dressed Lists" and in weeklies & fashion blogs, where they pick apart her clients outfits telling everyone else where to get their fabulous threads. By landing her own reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project, Zoe has now become just as popular as the clients she dresses. I mean, how many girls dressed in fur vests, huge sunnies, curled hair, dark washed trouser jeans & Venti Starbuck's filled with their favorite spirit or beer did you see this Halloween? Let's just say she's made it. A few years back, I purchased her book "Rachel A to Zoe" and have taken many tip's from the Style Book, although recently I have signed up to be on her "Zoe Report" which is a daily newsletter "adding a little glamor in your inbox" in the AM. The other day I noticed she posted her list of 20 wardrobe essentials. Funny part about this is that lately I have been in the process of coming up with my own version of wardrobe essentials a la gigi to give my clients so when we are initially going through their closets it can lead us in the right direction. As RZ has just said, she doesn't believe in anything "basic" therefore coming up with her "Basically Fabulous List". Bitch. She totally stole my thunder. Now when I post my "Wardrobe Staples a la gigi"  Everyones just going to think I am copying Rachel Zoe's ideas. Welp, I guess great minds think alike :) Get your Zoe on and check out here site, www.RachelZoe.Com and if you do indeed want some glamor in your inbox, don't forget to sign up for her Daily Zoe Report.
 Its Bananas
Ps. Stay tuned for, "Wardrobe Staples, a la gigi" 

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