Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Lesson In Bargain Shopping

For the past 6 years (on and off) I have been a nanny for the two cutest girls on this planet, Shelby now 13 and Lexie 12. Like the typical teenager, their schedules are usually jam-packed with activities like soccer, gymnastics, cotillion, sleepovers, etc. although yesterday there was a break in the clouds and their day was completely free for us to go on a little adventure. Both girls enjoy name brand jeans and over priced designer dud's with the best of us, so my goal for the day was to teach them how to bargain shop! I picked them up from school and we headed into Oakland. First stop, Fenton's Creamery for a little boost of energy in the form of sugar for our shopping adventure.
After we stuffed ourselves silly with THE best ice cream in town, we were off to Nordstrom Rack. On our car ride over, I set the ground rules, they are as follows: 
1. Make a list of items you want prior upon entry. {Very important because as a first timer at NR it can be very overwhelming. I have learned by experience, purchasing a $400.00 bag that you don't need and can't return only because it was 50% off isn't bargain shopping, its impulse shopping!}
2. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it!
3. Don't purchase anything with holes, rips or any other malfunction. Even if they give you more of a discount, it usually is not worth it because typically you cannot return it.
4. If you like it, GRAB it then take your time in the dressing room to decide if you really want it or not, that way others cant swoop it right from under you! { Some people do this for a living, get your game face on }
       Shelby's List: A designer Wallet, Jeans & a Slouchy Hat 
Lexie's List: Juicy outfit, Perfume & True Religions
I am afraid I have turned them into little shopping monsters, (Sorry Elizabeth!) but I am so proud of the two of them. They shuffled their way through the racks of clothes in their sizes, as well as other sizes (because you never know items can very likely be misplaced) and they both left with great purchases and a new found love for a great deal! Shelby bought a pair of "IT" jeans originally priced at $45.00, she walked away with them at $20.00 & Lexie found her Viva La Juicy Perfume for a little under $30.00, normally priced at $45.00 :) A fun lesson in shopping for these two stylists in training! 
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