Monday, March 15, 2010

San Francisco City Search

The other day, I woke up and found myself asking the question "What am I today." Currently my list of occupations include Nanny, Blogger, Student & Stylist although as of late I have become a Dictator and contributor to the website San Francisco City Search. I had heard about SF City Search through a contest I entered to win tickets for a Barrel Tasting trip in Sonoma ( which I WON! The trip was last Saturday-Blog Post coming soon). Instantly I became a huge fan of the site and Gina, the Dictator in Chief urged me to apply. Being a dictator, other than donning an intense title, our job is to share insights on shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. in the San Francisco Bay Area all the while being bribed by fabulous prizes. For example, Inn+Spa Getaways in Napa, Dinner's at San Francisco's finest restaurants, SF Giants & iTunes gift cards and parties exclusively for the Dictators and their friends. Just the other night our First Annual Dictator Party was hosted by the lovely people at the Fifth Floor restaurant in the Palomar Hotel. The Palomar Hotel, part of the Kimpton Hotel Brand is located downtown right in the heart of all the hustle and bustle of Market Street. The theme of this hotel is "Art in Motion" and with every floor you explore, the experience of its whimsical design amidst the urban jungle provides for a perfect contrast. Up on the 5th floor of the hotel is the Fifth Floor restaurant. The atmosphere in this Michelin rated restaurant is fancy enough for a lovely escape from a hectic work day, yet comfortable so not to feel a pretentious vibe, which makes for a perfect place to grab a drink + bite. As a special treat for us Dictators, we were given a Martini Demo by "bashfully famous mixologist" Jacques Bezuidenhout. 
His tips on how to concoct the best martini were as follows : 
1. Perfecting the ratio of Liquor to vermouth; 5 parts liquor , 1 part vermouth.
2. Making sure you mix your liquor  of choice + Vermouth in a pitcher with large cubes of ice.  
3. Chill the glass with ice cubes & water before serving.
4. Garnish with a zest of Lemon or Orange peel, rub peel along the brim of the glass then drop in. 
{Concentrating very hard, to not miss any vital information}

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  1. I had a great time at the Dictator meetup too. Great to meet you! How was the wine tasting? We went to Healdsburg on Sunday for the barrel tasting, and it was such a gorgeous day! Where did you go?