Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simple Elegance

The first time I ever stepped into Zara's doors was back in 2001 while I was visiting Paris. Paris being the epitome of everything fashionable I was on a mission to return home with new Parisian threads. Other than splurging on a little Celine purse I was in no place to be spending the big bucks (I was also 15) so once I found Zara I was in heaven. Although Zara did start off in Spain it has since grown to 1,600 shops in 40 countries making it clear that they have found the recipe for success; give the public what it wants, at the lowest possible prices and in the shortest amount of time. Zara's ability to exude "fast fashion" by bringing the runway trends to the stores in record amounts of time may cause for some debate of how their factories are run, although it’s highly successful company has not only made its way to the states, season after season it remains on the top of my list of favorite stores! Let me introduce you to the Spring/Summer 2010 Zara Look-Book. I could find a way to fit every piece of the collection into my wardrobe, they are simple yet elegant. There is something so chic about pulling off an all white outfit (shown above) and I am looking forward to a shopping trip to Zara tomorrow! I think this look will be perfect for my up coming weekend of R&R, dinner’s out, wine tastings and lounging in Napa Valley. 


  1. hey punkin... can you pick me up that loose khaki harem pant + brown belt + white button down outfit por favor? i'd look great in that in napa... (HA) thank youu! L

    p.s. love the post! makes me want to visit that mecca!

  2. i was skeptical of this "Zara" story, but once again you prove to be spot on. whats up look # 2 + 6. i vant.

  3. You sure would Linds, and J I think you need look # 2, come shopping with muah! xo