Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coppin' Her Clobber - Whitney Port

As an L.A. Girl transplanted to New York City, Whitney Port has legitimized herself as a designer and gained respect in the N.Y. Fashion Scene. I have had a HUGE Style Crush on this reality T.V. star dating back to when she was even on "The Hills" and of course her style evolved as she moved to "The City." It is a little edgier version of another one of my muse's, Serena Van der Woodsen. I came across this photo of Whitney strolling the streets of N.Y. on her blackberry and immediately had to mimic the outfit. Not everyone can wear boyfriend jeans, (myself included) that's why it was important for me to throw in a alternative thrashed skinny which will give a similar look. {Tip: NEVER force a trend if you know it's not the right fit for your body type, it will never look good} Hope you enjoy my version of this laid back look and keep an eye out for the next "Coppin' Her Clobber" Who knows, the next outfit we mimic might be of you! 
* Clobber : English slang for clothes. 

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