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Friend and Creator of LaGoldenOne Eva Holbrook sits down to answer a few questions exclusively for Gigi Ouf THE BLOG! She touches on her love for Egyptian & Indian Fashion, why she started making these fabulous head pieces and who's wearing them around town! Check out the interview below! 
Gigi : What inspired you to start LA Golden One?
Eva: I have always been fascinated with jewelry. My great grandmother, Eva Rodwell, was a jewelry collector. She scoured estate sales for 40 years to amass a collection that was pure magic to me as a little girl. I absolutely love Egyptian and Indian fashion- the colorful dresses, elaborate headpieces and luxurious fabrics give me such inspiration. I created a piece for myself using old costume jewelery and wore it out the following night to a party. I could not BELIEVE the response I recieved from both men and women. I even had a party-goer want to purchase the piece right off my head! That was the night I that started LaGoldenOne. Knowing that I could not embark on this venture alone, I enlisted the talent of my business and creative savvy best friend- Gia. This is when LaGoldenOne really blossomed into a real thing. We both started totally vibing off each other’s ideas and from there it was endless for us. We enjoy having a fun creative outlet to explore and LaGoldenOne is the perfect opportunity to do that.  
G: How does the city you live in effect your style?
E: It affects every aspect of our style! Both being raised in Los Angeles, we are true California girls. We love mixing and matching, bright colors, prints, and lucky vintage finds. Anyone who knows me will vouch that I am #1 bargain shopper. I LOVE a good deal which is why we keep LaGoldenOne price point reasonable. We want to give all girls the opportunity to have one! You can wear LaGoldenOne on a Sunday with a flowing dress and sandals or you can wear it Friday night with black skinny jeans, stilettos and a sparkly top. It all depends on what type of LaGoldenOne you are.
G: When was your first memory of an interest in Fashion/Jewelry?
E: My first memory of fashion was from when I was a child. Gia and I were both dancing at a very young age, getting all dressed up in shiny costumes and putting on recitals. Thats when I knew I loved to be fashionable. Draped in black lace using a turquoise and gold necklace as a crown, my favorite character to play was Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt.  She embodies the ultimate beauty, glamour and confidence. Thats what we want anyone wearing LaGoldenOne to possess.
G: What is your birthstone? Would you consider that your favorite gem/jewel?
E: Both Gia and are Gemini’s so our birthstone is the pearl. Although we both love pearls, for me the emerald is by far one of my favorite jewels EVER. Gia loves ruby and sapphire. But, I love those too!!! There are so many      beautiful stones that to choose a favorite is difficult. Turquoise is also a beautiful stone that we use in many of our pieces.
G: How long does it usually take for you to create one of you headpieces?
E: It depends on the piece were making. When were in the experimenting phase, which is pretty much all the time we can work hours on end. 
G: Are you interested in expanding your brand?
E: We are VERY interested in expanding the brand but we are taking it slow. Currently, we are working on a little girls line called LaGoldenChild. Really cute headbands for girls 8-14. So all the mommy's should look out for that!
G: Any celebrity's rocking an LaGoldenOne?
E: Honestly, we haven’t had time to do press yet! We have a few friends in the limelight wearing them out. Our gurl Brittny Gastineau has been wearing hers around town- she twitterd about us the other day! Thx Brit!! We do have a few things lined up so you'll be seeing LaGoldenOne being worn around very soon…
G: What are some websites & blogs you go to that give you inspiration that I can share with my followers?
E: I love reading www.katelovesme.net  I’m obsessed with prince pelayo and you will be too!
I also love www.amlul.com  she is such a fabulous fashonista.
For a good laugh I turn to www.suckitbysina.com  He’s hilarious and I love him.
Eva In her LaGoldenOne
{You can see more of the pieces & purchase an LaGoldenOne from their website here. Also, check out Nicole Richie's new line, Winter Kate - a great line to compliment these gorgeous headpieces!}

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