Monday, February 22, 2010

A Monday Morning Pick Me Up

After a great weekend filled with wonderful friends, visit from Linds, eventful Saturday; complete with a bowling match, pool game, and a bit of a Rockband sesh, exciting new work opportunities & a charity event which consisted of watching the  Golden State Warriors beat the Atlanta Hawks, I am exhausted and needed a bit more of a pick me up this Monday morning that my regular CafĂ© Americano just couldn't fulfill. Enjoy!

The Boys Are Back In Town - Nothing like seeing a dapper group of fella's sitting front row at the Calvin Klein Show at NYFW 2010. As I was not there to witness this, I was excited to come across this photo {here} of a group of some of my favorite men. 
From left to right:  Jared Leto, Chase Crawford, Ryan Phillippe & Kellan Lutz 
I can always count on my good friend, Savannah Todd to keep me 'hip with the pop culture.' She sent me a link to these video's this morning and it was JUST what I needed to put a little hop in my step. Please excuse the raunchy title/lyrics of the second song. 
Hope everyone has a fabulous week! New & Exciting things coming soon to Gigi Ouf THE BLOG so as always, stay tuned! 

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