Monday, February 8, 2010

Wear Lots Of Hats

This past weekend, Justine and I loaded up the Rover and headed up to the mountains for our friend Lauren Parker's birthday festivities & Superbowl madness. The trip started with a quick pit stop to Michaels where Justine played with swords and modeled a shark hat and then Best Buy where we got road trip necessities. The Queen DVD, MJ CD, 5 hour energy, you know the usual.
Justine in her foam shark visor, trend alert!

Once we arrived in Tahoe, we met up with Lindsey and headed over to Squaw Valley. We  lunched at 22 Bistro & Bar, then went to Le Chamios to join everyone as they were having their apr├ęs ski beverage & party to bid the Tahoe residents farewell who are headed to Whistler to compete in the 2010 Winter Olympics. After Chamios we somersaulted over to the Slot, another spot in the village to meet up with friends & take an absurd amount of photos, standard. This blog post is named "Wear Lots Of Hats" for a reason. Keeping your dome warm was clearly on everyone's agenda for the night. It seemed like if you were NOT wearing some sort of hat in this bar, you did not fit in. Notice all the steezy lid's in each picture below. 
The Tri-Pod. Bobbin' our heads like yeah, Justine & Lindsey both in Marc By Marc Jacobs Hat's and Me in a Cara slouchy hat. 
Jeff Denholm in his Waterman's trucker hat. 
Jeremy Yurosek in his "Marco Rocks" hat, supporting his friend Marco Sullivan who is heading to Whistler to compete in the 2010 Olympics. George rocking a Dump Truck Coudure Hat. 
Nate "im-not-excited" Holland, representing his sponsor Monster Energy
Not sure who makes his hat, but it says Rome and Rome is near Milan which is one of the fashion capitals of the world so that gives him a little clout
Fun was had, hats were worn & hat's were lost. 
Until next weekend Tahoe :) 

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  1. Can I jump in the car with those beautiful ladies (Gigi, Linds, and Stine?)? LOVEE YOU