Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Day Inspi(RED)

5 Ways To Say 'I Love You' To Your Boo! 
1. This Spring it looks like the Top-Siders are making their way back into department stores everywhere. These Gucci Top-Siders bring a little funk to the classic style with this electric red color. Have your guy pair them with his favorite flannel and kakis for a effortless "just got off my yacht" look. 
2. When I worked at Nordstrom I was responsible to rep the Jack Black line. I once was given a sample of this "Beard Lube" and used it to shave my legs. It is so soothing and really makes for an amazing shave. Every guy I have ever gifted this to absolutely loved it and went back to spend the $16.00 it costs for a razor burn free shave. Get your guy this Jack Back Beard Lube  for the most kissable face ;) 

3. I am not over the fedora craze yet, especially this one! 
This Gucci lid is perfect for a day poolside, beachside, vineyard side and with a hot pair of sunglasses you got yourself a Diva in the making. Get excited for the Spring time with this Gucci Fedora for your guy. Just don't share the price tag and he will love how hot he looks in it! 
4. Comune killing it again with this 'James Scarf'. Check out the website here to find this scarf and other great Comune threads.
5. Make sure he keeps his face warm while on the mountain with this Neff Hulk Hogan face mask. Handlebars, so hot right now. 


  1. Dugan was just trying to convince Kels to grow out you say it's hot? what world did i wake up in! haha!

  2. IM Joking. There is NOTHING hot about Handlebars. Maybe its funny for a day but that's about it :)