Monday, November 16, 2009

Ten Under Twenty

You know that feeling when you really just want to BUY something but don't want to have a guilty conscious about spending a lot of money? Or your just plain broke? Here is a list of 10 items under $20.00 that i can't live without. Trust, after you get them, you wont want to live without them either! 

1.Boots No.7 Advanced Hydration Day Cream  $14.99 -  With the winter rapidly approaching, the air gets a little more crisp, dry & sometimes can take a tool on our skin. This cream is truly a life saver for me. It has the perfect texture and it will give you a natural hydrated glow. Apply it in the morning before you put on your makeup and you will be amazed at how beautifully your makeup will glide on your face. 

2.Black Applique Headband $18.00 -  Free People has the whole Hippy Glam thing down. Pair this headband with any holiday party dress,simple black blazer or just a tee to add that extra show-stopping appeal. Great stocking stuffer too :) 

3.Holy Floral Net Tights  $16.00 - Statement tights are all the rage these days. TopShop did it right with these vintage/flapper girl inspired tights. Add a little flair to a little black dress & throw on some heels. voila! 

4.Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make-up Remover $5.99 - It took me about 10 years to find the perfect eye make-up remover. I know it sounds silly but ladies, i am sure some of you are agreeing as we speak...Right? Its either too oily, too harsh, stings your eyes or just plain does not work. Boots has created a soothing eye make-up remover that contains natural ingredients that not only works in removing your eye make-up it also repairs your eye lashes! Lets hope this product NEVER gets eye lashes would never forgive me. (also sold at Target but amazon is cheaper)

5.Stila's Kitten Collection $18.00 - When i lived in Santa Barbara i got a job at Nordstrom working for Stila Cosmetics. I always loved Stila for their amazing color palate's they come up with, but Kitten, its shining star and our best seller has always been a must have in my collection of eye shadows. The illuminating shimmer can be used all over as a eye shadow or just highlighting around your cheeks & eyes. This is a great deal that it comes with the lip glaze as well. The color is very subtle but adds that perfect pop to your look! 

6. Lattice Mirror Wall Jewelry Rack $19.99 - I love buying fun costume jewelry, although if its not real gold or silver it tends to tarnish very quickly. The key to keeping your jewelry from tarnishing is to not pile them on top of each other mixing metals. With this Jewelry rack you can avoid cramming all your jewelry in a small case & instead hang it up. This will help you see what you have and accessorize easily. The mirror is just an extra touch that gives you & your jewels a chance to shine. 

7.ShaveMate Diva & ShaveMate Titan $9.99 - This is a true Girl-On-The-Go or Guy-On-The-Go's dream! They come as a set of 3 and each razor holds enough shaving cream in its handle to be used up to 10 times. The razors feature 6 blades to give you an extra-smooth shave! Ladies,even in the winter when your not showing your legs as much, pamper yourself and make sure you keep them smooth and moisturized for your fella! :) 

8. Claribel Ruffle Ballet Slippers $11.49 - These will put those ugly house slippers to shame! Its faux fur lining and cushioned insole will give your feet that rest & comfort it needs after a long day in boots or heels. Comes in this blush pink, white & grey.

9. Chain Cuff Bracelet - Ok i cheated... $29.00 - This cuff puts the perfect gold touch on any outfit. I had to put this on the list because i bought it for one of my clients and we paid $58.00 for it thinking it was a good deal. The layers of chain really do give it a bold and expensive look where people will think you spent way more on it than you actually did! Thats a recession-ista! 

10. Happy Birthday Nail Polish $18.00 - Truly a Party in a Bottle. This glitter polish is perfect for the holiday season giving your nails that twinkle twinkle so you will be shaking hands in style. I am actually in love with all these colors although Happy Birthday is in a league of its own. All Lippmann nail lacquers contain Okoume which is a natural nail strenghener from a tree in Africa,Biotin ( a cell regenerator) and Green Tea. This color has already sold out once this season and i know it will again, so get it while it lasts!

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