Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let The Games Begin!


With the help of my SUPER creative friend Justine Macfee (see LOW BUDGET ROCKSTARS) I have been inspired to embark upon the world of blogging! I love to look at blogs, although I was intimidated, thinking I had to be some sort of computer genius like JP in the movie Grandma’s Boy, to make one. I was wrong, as most people are with the world of Fashion. We all care about the way we look; some are just intimidated by it. Follow my blog and I'll take you inside the world of convenient, show-stopping and wait for it, FUN fashion without all the fuss. Stay tuned, great things to come...!

Off to the Cal game!

From football to fun night out, everything I need fits in the Fendi! I'll post the proof of chameleon skills tomorrow. In the meantime, GO BEARS!

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