Thursday, November 12, 2009

BFF Friday!

Allow me to introduce my first BFF Friday, Alexandra Seibert !

(Summer 2008, Lake Tahoe CA.)

BFF Friday was started to introduce all the wonderful people in my life who inspire me with their talents,encourage me to be a better person, and fill my life with love & happiness!
Alexandra..Alex...Al...Seibert...Seibs has truly been my BFF since i met her. Back in 7th grade, we met through a mutual friend over the grueling experience of eye-brow plucking. Weird, right? Well, Alex had offered to pluck my eyebrows (thank god) because i had a lot goin' on up there and like a true best friend she took it upon herself to do something about it! Since then i have always (waxed) and trusted Alex to be honest with me in any situation. She truly gives THE BEST advice and i can always count on her no matter what! I know she plays for "Team Gigi" & she will stick by my side through thick & thin! We grew closer in the Spring of 2007 when we studied & lived together in the beautiful city of Florence at the Florence University Of the Arts. Roaming the streets of Italy,Barcelona,Switzerland and beyond we had a lot of time to talk and reflect upon our lives. At that time Alex had decided that after she graduated from San Diego State she would pursue her talent of "winning the argument." Alex is currently in her 2nd year at The New England School of Law in Boston. How lucky am i, everyone needs a great lawyer, and for her to be my BFF too!...Perfection! Now that we live on opposite coasts we don't get to see each other as much as we would like :( Although today, this friday we will reunite in the big city of NYC! We are meeting at TopShop !  I am so excited to check out the fabulous clothes from designers such as Kate Moss & reunite with my BFF!
Watch out's Friday the 13th and Alex & Gigi are out on the town!

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