Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween vs. Ho-loween

Heather, Mary & I
My cousins: Julia (sexy kitten) and Zach (e-mail) He's super creative ;) 

A few weeks ago, i hopped off the plane at LAX a la Miley Cyrus to spend the Halloween weekend with my great friends Heather & Mary. As many girls enjoy celebrating "Ho-loween" as Miss Katy Perry donned the holiday via her twitter, this year i decided to stick with celebrating Halloween. I waited until the last minute to think about my costume and didn't have much time to get an idea together. To the rescue again came my UBER talented and great friend aka Life Coach, Justine. She helped me come up with the wonderful idea of being Penny Lane from Almost Famous, the Oh So Famous "Band- Aid" as she called herself in the flick. To get the look down, i sat down and watched the movie for the first time in a few years and fell in LOVE with the style of clothes circa 1970. From her hair to her shades to her mongolian lamb fur jackets she had the most glamorous Hippy-Chic look that totally inspired me to get together the BEST costume i could. I put on my faux crocodile skin black leggings, blush pink Rachel Roy silk tank, and i went out and bought a Shag Vest at FT1  (Forever 21) The outfit was great, but it wasn't until i found the most perfect round shades that the outfit was complete! Needless to say i had a GREAT night and got lots of compliments on my costume. To tell you the truth, i think i should have been born in the 70's because i would totally rock that look any day of the week. You can be creative and look cute without celebrating Ho-loween ladies ;) 
Ps. Shown in the photo is Mary Bell AKA Officer Bell AKA Slut Patrol. She clearly is a walking contradiction but she still looked super hawt and not too skanky so we'll let it slide. Also shown in the photo is Heather Macdonald AKA the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter and she looked RAD.

Here's to you Penny Lane! 

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