Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"For a Woman to Love and a Man to Remember"- Diane von Furstenberg

It's been proven that the part of the brain which processes scents is indeed a key part of forming long-term memories, especially involving other individuals. There is something so beautiful about a fragrance. Made up of many different "notes", to produce the "juice" no two fragrance's are exactly alike. After working for Stila Cosmetics i transfered to the Fragrance counter at Nordstrom and had the opportunity to meet with "noses" as they call them (perfume extrordinaire's) to learn a little bit about the process of making of a fragrance. 
 The scent i choose to wear really depends on the day and occasion. 
 Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle is a scent i will forever love as it reminds me of a trip i took to Paris with my dad when i was just 15. I have been wearing this scent ever since, it is described by the house of Chanel as a feminine and sexy,young and exciting interpretation of the irrepressible spirit of Coco Chanel. Coco Mademoiselle is a modern oriental fragrance, fresh & sensual.

The other scent i wear regularly is Victor & Rolof's Flowerbomb. This scent also reminds me of a trip i took with my family to London. I bought this fragrance in the duty-free shops of Heathrow Airport as i was rushing to catch my flight. In contrast to their avant-garde clothing, with Flowerbomb Victor & Rolf opted for a fragrance with wide appeal. This scent, really a mélange of creamy florals,warm base of patchouli and vanilla is not only a beautiful mixture of notes, but its funky grenade shaped bottle is a great contrast to its feminine and lovely smell. 

Not only do i love a wonderful fragrance but some bottles are so beautifully designed and make for great decoration! I save all my perfume bottles & display them on a vanity in my room. Everyone loves to search for their favorite fragrance, but getting it as a gift from a friend or significant other is even better!
Below are Women's & Men's fragrance's which i love. I chose them not only because of their elegant bottles but also for their irresistible and memorable smells. 
Guys, Take "notes"...pun intended ;) 



Gucci Flora

Marc Jacobs LOLA

Michael Kors Very Hollywood

Gucci Envy Me # 1



Aqua de Bvlgari

Chanel Allure Sport

Givenchy Play


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