Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sensory Overload

(Left:TopShop purchase, Right:H&M purchase)
And my Tour de New York Continues...
Friday morning my dad & opted out of going to the MET  (Metropolitan Art Museum) with my mom and instead hit the streets for a day of Shopping, Eating, Walking & More Shopping! My dad needed new clothes so we hoped over to Madison Ave. & 5th St. and the rest is History :) We broke the day into 3 different districts that we wanted to hit, here is a list of places we enjoyed!
Upper West Side 
The Plaza Hotel, mostly because I loved the movie "Bride Wars" and I wanted to see what the hype was all about about this hotel. Let me tell you, it is BEAUTIFUL.
- Bergdorf Goodman, a department store like no other. The display of the new Christian Louboutin shoes was an absolute madness of beauty, literally. Check out the "Total Madness" collection on the website here. My dad literally had to drag me out of the shoe department...
-H&M, i was hesitant to go into this store because H&M is everywhere now and i didn't want to waste my time on stores that are in SF, although the new Jimmy Choo for H&M collection had just came out and i needed to check it out. The Visual Merchandisers were setting up the preview room and i peeked behind the black curtains where they were working. NOT A GOOD IDEA. The bouncer literally yelled at me in front of about 100 people and almost kicked me out. Talk about embarrassing. Nonetheless i found a super cute top & two "Snoods" paying a total of $60.00 thats a bargain if i've ever seen one myself.
-Façonnabe, my dad tired on some Jackets and left with a beautiful heather grey cashmere sweater.
Meat Packing District 
-PASTIS, two of my friends had recommend this place for a great lunch, people watching & delish bon frites. All of which were correct. We started with Mussels & bon frites and for my entreé  i had the French Onion Soup. I recommend this restaurant to anyone traveling or living in NY. (We actually liked it so much we went to its sister restaurant, Baltazar for dinner that night)
-DVF, the Diane von Furstenberg showroom was surrounded by other designers such as Alexander McQueen, Matthew Willamson & La Perla but DVF was my absolute favorite! I bought her autobiography book to read on my upcoming travels!

-Legacy & INA, two super cool vintage stores on a little side street called Thompson St. They had amazing Jewelry, Handbags & Clothing. They both were very pricy but it was so fun to at least just look!
-Wool and the Gang, i stumbled upon this store after leaving the vintage shops. The overside scarf's & snoods caught my eye so i went in to check out the store. It was the first day they had opened but they were no rookies in the knitting game. The cutest girls were sitting on high benches literally knitting in front of the customers. The coolest part about this boutique was that they sell kits where you can actually learn to knit yourself. The kits come with the needles,wool & directions. Such a great christmas gift idea. These pieces are sold in department stores, check out the website here...a must for that freezing winter day!
-TopShop, So i had heard so much about this London based chain so i had to once and for all check it out. It was like H&M and Zara on crack..but even better! No words to describe this place other than Out Of Control. The store was filled with  SEQUINS and the most amazing accessories i have ever seen. I loved Kate Moss's line as well as the TopShop boutique section of the store. I was under the impression that the store was a little cheaper than it was but i left spending about $100.00 and i got a beautiful top & rad necklace pictured above :)

All in All a VERY eventful day....

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