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Ask Gigi

{it's more fun when you blog in fur}
Over the past few months I have been receiving questions + suggestions from friends & followers on topics they want me to blog about. I thought it only necessary to post them publicly so everyone can hear my response's as most of them are great questions that most can relate to! 

Q : "Can I suggest a new blog topic? “What to pack when going on a Caribbean cruise” This is totally selfish as I would love your tips before mine on Jan 2!" - Claire Morton 
A: Hi Claire! I know this is VERY late {I was traveling throughout Egypt/London when I got this question and had limited internet} so I apologize for the tardy response, I hope you had a fabulous time & maybe you can use this information for your next trip! I have only been on 1 cruise, and it was along the Nile River in Egypt so I might not be very qualified to answer this question- although I would pack as though I was going on a beach vacay. 
Essentials : 
1. Bathing Suite, I LOVE this Ruched Halter Top Bikini & with a Caribbean tan this white suit will look phenom.
2. A great cover up that double's as a cute lunch by the pool outfit. Like this adorable Shoshanna Psychedelic Floral Cover Up.
3. A hat is a must to protect your face from the sun. Check out this hat from my Girl From Ipanema post. 
4. SUNSCREEN, I am a huge fan of the entire Bain de Soleil line. They make an spf with a sunless tanner that is activated by the sun. It's a no fail way to a great safe tan. 
5. My beauty regime changes drastically when I vacation by the sea. I try to limit the amount of makeup I wear & products I use to this Nars bronzer in Laguna , Stila's convertible color in Petunia , mascara & John Frieda's Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Sea Spray for a perfectly texturized wave. 
6. Either a great book or a journal for an activity to stimulate your mind. I suggest any of these books from my post, Fashion Fashion Read All About It

Q : "Hey Gigi, it's Britt from Paris way back when...
ok so I am traveling (backpacking actually) through China and Thailand this summer. I was wondering if you had any beauty/style tips on something as rough as backpacking... I also thought maybe it would be a cool travel edition of your blog - shoot me some suggestions if you do bc you are just miss fashionista! Thanks xox" - Britt Roberts 
A: Britt, SO GOOD to hear from you. Well I will assume your travel adventures will be quite different from our strolls along the Chans de Lise, night club hopping & early morning breakfast's at cute Parisian cafĂ©'s, right? As I have never been backpacking before, I enlisted my good friends who have spent some time traveling throughout Southeast Asia to help me out with this post. They recommend these items : 
1. Baby Powder : with the heat and humidity this will be your best friend. 

2. Acquaphor : the save the day salve. 
3. Light clothing...less is more. I would recommend sun dress's. comfortable and travel well.
4. A great face moisturizer with an spf. I always recommend the No.7 line from Target.
5. As far as beauty products, stick to the ones I mentioned above in the beach vacay post question! 
Have a wonderful time and post pictures soon! xo

Q: "Geeeg! I LOVE your blog. It's definitely become a favorite among us girls. Will you do something on sunglasses and face shape? I want your opinion." - Lindsey Kimmel 

A: Linds! I am so flattered you like my blog. As far as sunnies go, there is the rule that you identify your face structure whether it be oval, round, square, heart shaped and look for sunglasses in the opposite shape. I find this true to an extent, although my favorite pair of shades happen to be circular oversized Gucci's with gold + tortoise and I classify my face shape as round/oval. As far as trends in sunglasses go, don't follow them blindly. Not only will you be wearing a pair of sunglasses that won't flatter your face shape you will most likely spend way too much money on a trend that will eventually die out. Sometimes its a best friend who will be the best fashion expert, my suggestion is to bring someone with you when you go out shopping. Someone who you trust will give you their 100% honest opinion. 

Q : "Next time I am in San Francisco can you take me jewelry shopping? I just realized that I need help! Where are some good places you shop in Tahoe? You are always decked out, love it!" -Lauren Brown from LoveandPhoto
A: Miss Lauren, accessorizing is my middle name. I have a infinite obsession with anything gold, shiny & oversized when it comes to jewelry and items with those descriptions tend to cost mega bucks. I love scouring through the stuff at Forever21, H&M and of course the flea market! { you can see some of the stuff I scored here and here} Of course, the price points at those stores are extremely reasonable which is a true reflection of its quality. I find each piece lasting about 6-8 months before it is completely un-wearable and then I go out and splurge on another lot of baubles. If you want to up the quality a bit, I look at Kenneth Jay Lane & House Of Harlow for vintage inspired pieces & the Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James collection is a silver lovers dream. As far as shopping in Tahoe, your best bet is probably from your call me whenever your in SF and we will go find you some jewels!

Q : "I want to hear all about Gigi's fav SF stores! Keep up the good work girl love your blog!" - Jessica Tree 
A: Jess, lucky for us San Francisco is home to some of the best shopping ever! In an attempt to not drown you with information i'll limit the shops to my top 10. 
1. Bloomingdales - for the ambiance + selection.
2. Barney's - for the over the top customer service.
3. H&M - for the racks and racks of stocked shelves with fashion forward items that can instantly update your wardrobe.
4. American Apparel - for the staples. 
5. Michael Kors - for the price point friendly "I just hopped off my private jet/yacht" look.
6. Macy's - if you can stand the awful service, the shoe department is insane. 
7. Lohemann's / Nordstrom Rack - if you have time to rummage through the racks, you can find smokin' deals.
8. My Boudoir on Fillmore - for your intimates. 
9.  I love the art gallery's for inspiration and contemporary boutiques in Hayes Valley
10. On Sacramento street there are shops like Fetish where you can envy the Jimmy Choo sandals and Prada heel's, as well as Brown Eyed Girl where they sell killer swim suits. Its a deluxe shopping avenue. 
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