Monday, April 26, 2010

Gahden Pahty 2010

It has been a week since I returned from the desert and I think my PCDS {post.coachella.depression.syndrome} has finally subsided. Being that this was my first time to Coachella I wasn't exactly sure what to expect although now I realize it is truly one of those events you have to experience for yourself to understand how amazing it really is. Our trip started out Thursday night as we all {Justine, Lauren, Lindsey & Meagan} departed from the Oakland airport. I was surprised our flight was not filled with more Coachella go'ers, although we did run into our favorite womb mates & avid Gigi Ouf THE BLOG readers Mike & Andy who were also headed to the desert. After a few inflight cocktails and jokes on me not having a ticket {"What are you gonna blog about, the fence?"-MB} we made it to Ontario ready for a weekend of musical debauchery. 
Met up with my so-cal loves, Heather + Mary
The Albatross, most efficient way to make it from show to show.
Coachella is defiantly a place where people experiment with fashion. Finding a balance between practicality and flair can be difficult, mix some 100 degree heat in there and that can cause for some serious fashion challenges. I was so impressed at the fashion statements at Coachella this year, it ads another great element to a seemingly perfect event. This year was all about rompers, fringe, crop top's, bright colors, floral prints, cut-off jean shorts, american apparel jumpers & tons of jewels.
{Heather rocking her d.i.y fringe shirt. I am in a TART dress, LaGoldenOne headpiece, Forever 21 double finger ring, Urban Outfitters cheetah ring, Christian Dior Vintage Shades & Michelle Watch}
The Gahden Pahty, also known as the Beer Garden & our regular meet up point. Friday night as we were entering the Beer Garden to watch Jay Z, I decided it was MY Gahden Pahty. I spotted Paris Hilton from afar and proceeded to say, "Paris, thank you so much for coming to my gahden pahty" {in a full british accent} The rest of the evening we spotted festival go'ers like, Mischa Barton, Nicky Hilton, Josh Hartnett, Katy Perry & Dita von Teese in my gahden pahty. Turns out we had made our way into the v.i.p area and were unaware. Although once the H.O.V came on stage all eyes were on him.
Heather, Lauren & Lindsey  lovin' themselves some Passion Pit 
The Gorillaz featuring De La Soul...The most epic dance party and perfect way to end the best 3 days of my life {I know, bold statement} Coachella 2010 was indeed, above average. Who's ready for Coachella 2011?

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  1. You and your girlfriends look so Coachella chic! I love the headpiece in the first outfit. I can't wait to go next year.