Friday, April 2, 2010

BFF Friday!

{Fashionista's in their own regard, these two have a unique personal style that I dig} 

This BFF Friday is dedicated to my favorite pair of Best Friends. I first met Miss Heather MacDonald & Mary Bell in 2004, our freshman year of college as we were set up to be suite mates in Santa Barbara. Heather & Mary had grown up together and decided to move to SB after High school. Months before we were to move in we chatted over the phone & bonded over the new Ashley Simpson cd that we all loved {ha}. We were SO {young} & excited to meet on move in day although after some confusion in the dorm's we didn't end up being suite mates and instead just neighbors. Mary and I drove the same car, our Saab convertible and Heather and I had an alarming amount of the same clothes, it was clear we were going to be great friends. Throughout our freshman year, the three of us really grew up together. Living in a new city away from home, I was so lucky to have such close girlfriends who made the transition so smooth. The following year Heather, Mary, Julia {my cousin} and I decided to get a house together, The Pueblo at 6636 Del Playa and we sure did paint that town red. After 2 years, Heather transferred to USC and Mary to Cal Berkeley. Till this day we all stay very close, Heather visited me while I was studying abroad in Italy & when Mary went to Cal she would come to my house for sleepovers weekly. I live for the weekends we all get together, whether its in Los Angeles or San Francisco we never fail to re-live our glory days & have a ridiculously good time! In 13 days we will be reuniting in the desert of Coachella for the music festival! Love you both, thank you for years of laughter & friendship. xo 
{Mary, Heather, Julia & myself in Lake Tahoe Summer 2008}

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