Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Has Sprung, Let's Clean!

Recently I have slightly abandoned my blog because my schedule has been insanely busy. Between new work opportunities, concerts, Napa weekends & school I haven't had time to sit down and recap on all the fun things I have been up to. Not that you need nor want to know my where-abouts at all times, the last few adventures were highly blog worthy & I promise once I get my camera back from Gustavo {the limo driver} I will update!  Currently I am in Denver en route to Vail & Breckenridge for Easter skiing with my family, then i'm off to Boston to visit Alex {featured on a bff friday here}! I am SO excited, It will be my first trip to Boston & I miss Alex & the rest of my Boston loves dearly. Wooo Spring Break 0'10! {laughs} 
{My client Elizabeth letting me capture our day of organizing + putting outfit's together}
   I have been knee deep in clothes lately as I spent the last week with my lovely client Elizabeth. I have been working as her stylist for the past few years and during that time we have transformed her wardrobe into a magnificent array of fabulous outfits. Although we organize her wardrobe season after season, a little spring cleaning can never hurt any closet. Everyone finds ways to justify why they need to keep those dated heel's or the pants they "swear by next summer they will fit into" which inevitably calls for an unorganized chaotic closet filled with clothes you never wear. Elizabeth and I spent hours salvaging clothes she never wore by finding new outfits that they went with and we ditched + donated a huge hunk of her dated items. The best part about purging is making room for new stuff! We spent a day in San Francisco shopping and found some adorable new clothes...Sometimes it's hard to be inspired to do this on your own {even Oprah thinks everyone needs someone to help you} that's where I come in! Id love to kick-start your spring cleaning process + help transform your closet as well ;) 
{email me at & tell your mom, dad, sister, cousin & friends!}
Just a few of the recent additions to Elizabeth's wardrobe : 

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