Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Year Young

Today marks 1 year since I have started writing this blog!! It has been such an amazing creative outlet for me and I am so flattered when I hear people say they enjoy reading it! When I sat down to write out my first post, I could have never imagined how far it was going to come in just one year. Between a feature in San Francisco Magazine, interviews, invites to fabulous events and collaborations I can't help but be so grateful I decided to create Sooo Gigi. Some people don't get the blogging world, and to tell you the truth before I started this blog I didn't really either. I now realize what an important skill it is to be able to navigate the Internet and use blogging as a social media tool. My sincerest gratitude to everyone who visits this site, I hope I can keep you coming back with more intriguing posts in the years to come! 

xxo, Gigi 

One year recap of Sooo Gigi...
{Big thanks to Justine Macfee my fabulously creative friend from Low Budget Rockstars for creating this video!}


  1. congrats G, great work- its been a big year and let the next one be ever better!!

  2. Happy 1 year from one of your many Boston fans -- aren't you overdue for an east coast visit soon?? Keep up the great blogging and we'll keep on reading!!

  3. congrat G! let another year of well documented mayhem begin!!!!

  4. Congrats Gigi!

    XOXO, Melissa