Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little About Muah!

A fun little interview I thought I would share with you all...Enjoy! 

Fashion advice from up-and-coming stylist, Gigi Ouf
-By: Melissa Martin
{photo by : Steve Francis}
Recently featured in San Francisco Magazine, this ambitious 23-year-old is making quite a name for herself.  Over a year ago, she decided to leave her job as a nanny and retail store manager to take on a risky, yet rewarding, self-made career in styling.  Her blog, Gigi Ouf THE BLOG, not only displays a plethora of drool-worthy images, but she also uses it as a forum to provide advice on today’s looks.  Seeing as she always exudes great style, we took some time to ask Gigi about her fashion sense.

Melissa: How would you describe your personal style?
Gigi: My style changes from day to day depending on my mood and the occasion I am dressing for. Typically I'll pull one article of clothing from my closet that I am drawn to in that particular time and work around it.
Melissa:  What trends have you personally been fascinated with lately?
Gigi: Recently I have loved the contrast of feminine and flirty pieces with men's wear styles. I’ll throw on an armful, handful and neck full of jewelry and I'm out the door.
Melissa: Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?
Gigi: There are a lot of great style blogs out there that I look to but I think my biggest source of inspiration is traveling and observing other country’s and city’s street styles.
Melissa: What have been some travel destinations that have inspired you?
Gigi: I recently was in London & Egypt visiting family and I picked up some great pieces at the Portobello Market as well as some really cool jewelry from the Bazaar's in Egypt. I mix those pieces with items I find here to add a bit of unique flair to my outfits.
Melissa: Is jewelry your favorite fashion accessory?
Gigi: Undoubtedly.  I have a pretty hefty hodgepodge of a jewelry collection going on. It ranges from vintage pieces from my grandmother and mom, costume jewelry that I find at flea markets and cheap-o bangles from H&M.  You will never see me leave the house without a mixture of all of it on.
Melissa: How would you describe San Franciscan style?
Gigi: What I love about San Francisco is the eclectic nature of the entire city, whether it be food, fashion or art. I find that most people who live here are not afraid to experiment with fashion and they don't try to follow trends so heavily.  I love that. Layering is key in San Francisco, because one minute the sun will be out then the fog rolls in and it’s pretty chilly.
Melissa: Yes, having outerwear on those foggy days is pretty important!
Gigi: I think a good leather jacket is a staple everyone living here should invest in, no matter what their style may be.
Melissa: What is the easiest way for someone to reinvent their wardrobe?
Gigi: I think that the first step is organizing your wardrobe. Sometimes after a few months, weeks or years of clothes, shoes and jewelry being piled up and unorganized you loose track of items that you own and once loved.
Melissa: How do you approach this with your clients?
Gigi: Typically, with my clients once we organize their closet and accessories I shop stores like Zara and H&M for quick and inexpensive updates. We are so lucky to have stores like these.  They deliver fast fashion at low price points.
Melissa: What are the top trends of the summer season?
Gigi: A lot of designers are implementing the whole rocker chic look. I mean, adding spikes to jewelry, handbags and shoes has been going on for a while but the way they are pairing them with softer things is new. I have been seeing a lot of retro and a return of classic pieces as well as oversized and deconstructed looks. I guess you could say its all over the place, I'm into it!
Melissa: Are there any summertime looks that people should avoid?
Gigi: As a general rule, you should never follow trends blindly. If the new trend is not flattering to your body type don't think you have to wear it. As it is important to be on trend, it is more important to know your body type and dress in a way that is flattering to you. I am 5'8.  A girl who is 5'2 probably wouldn't look good in the same types of outfits I would wear and vice-versa.
Melissa: What if someone wants to try a trend that doesn’t necessarily suit their body type?
Gigi: You can always find ways to incorporate the new trend whether it's with an accessory or mixing a separate with an article of clothing you know works for you!
Melissa:  What drives your passion for styling?
Gigi: There is no bigger feeling of accomplishment to me than seeing someone put on an outfit I have pulled for them and immediately exude a new found confidence. I love making people feel good about themselves and I love the art of fashion.  Luckily I have always had a good eye for it.
Melissa: So you have always known this was something you loved?
Gigi: I think it’s important to realize your natural, raw talents and if you can make a career out of it, you will always be passionate and good at what you do.

Gigi Ouf is available for personal client styling, personal shopping, wardrobe planning, closet renovation, and special occasion and event shopping.  She can be reached at  Make sure to check out her blog at

Thanks Melissa! Don't forget to check out her blog, A Series Of Unrelated Thoughts


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