Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{Mexico Part III.} A Palatial Property

Here is the third and final installment of photos from our Thanksgiving trip to Cabo {yes, after this I promise no more talking about the sunshine as we are currently being poured on}! My tan is beginning to wear off but the scent of the ocean air and freshly fried sugary churros is still lingering on my mind. I wanted to give you all a little photo tour of the villa we were invited to stay in at the Esperanza, a gorgeous palatial property I was lucky to lay my head for the long weekend. I have always loved the idea of indoor/outdoor living and this place was designed just like that. The large windows slide open converting the living room into an extension of the patio with breathtaking views of the Baja peninsula. With my kindle and ipod fully stocked I could lounge around and soak up the sun for hours. I was reading the book "Front Row" an inside story about the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour and her rise to power. I have yet to finish but I would definitely recommend it to any aspiring fashion journalist or any fashion lover for that matter!!

After a sunset stroll we arrived back at the the villa to the chef's cooking up a delicious traditional Mexican feast including chili rellenos, enchiladas, fresh tortilla chips & guacamole. The evening was seemingly perfect until an impromptu firework show erupted over the villa changing the night from perfect to perfectly spectacular. 

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  1. you have personal chefs?? what the hell IS this place? i need to start vacationing with my parents more often .....

    looks fab!