Tuesday, December 28, 2010

24 Hour Champagne Diet

New Years Eve is just days away and I still have no idea what I am wearing for the festivities!! The last few years I have been in Lake Tahoe, although this year I have 8 people coming into town so I'm playing hostess and sticking around here which I could not be more thrilled about. I'm typically the one stuck in charge of party planning, I'm not complaining but it can be a lot of pressure making sure everyone has a good time. I made reservations at a causal Mexican restaurant in the Marina {I love the idea of being dressed to the nines in a dive-y place} followed by a house party {no lines for drinks, bathrooms or taxis} to ensure a good evening! Even though I'm not a  huge fan of over-the-top celebrations for New Years I am, in fact, a huge fan of over-the-top dressing on New Years. Above are a few looks I created on Polyvore that I'd love to wear as I ring in 2011. Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Years Eve wherever you may be celebrating, extravagant or not. 2010 was a great year, although I can't wait for 2011 I have so much to look forward to! Cheers!
I'll be playing this song on repeat while sipping bottomless glasses of champagne . . .

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