Monday, December 20, 2010

Candy Cane Lane

My Gingerbread House Creation . . . the Love Shack.

This past Friday I hosted my first annual gingerbread house decorating party! It's hard for me to let a holiday pass without planning some sort of a celebration and Christmas is absolutely no exception. Trying to gather a group of social butterflies during the holidays is merely impossible but luckily I managed to get quite the group together! I started planning way in advance, collecting gingerbread recipes, a template for the houses, a dinner {truffle mac + cheese} recipe and even sent out invites via snail mail. The process of baking 20 gingerbread houses from scratch was no easy task although all the hard work paid off as I laughed till I cried watching some of my creatively challenged friends try to assemble a masterpiece. My dad crashed the party {per usual} and became the self proclaimed 'judge' which made for more laughs and an embarrassing moment for my friend who placed her snowmen in compromising positions, ha! I loved having so many of my great friends together in one place indulging in holiday traditions & treats. It truly was a festive fete.

{my personal favorite: created by Jennifer with some help from muah!} 


  1. I LOVE this whole party!! I am so motivated to make gingerbread houses now :) And yay for the mac + cheese!! xxo

  2. I wish I got photos of it Liz, but by the time it came out of the oven it was being devoured by these ladies above! It was DELICIOUS. xx -gigi