Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's A Girl Thing

{ballet flat slippers $24, gold spike love bracelet $150, chandelier earrings $8.80, all other images random, forgive me for forgetting!}

I spend a sickening amount of time on the Internet, fact. Between online shopping, catching up on my favorite blogs, writing my own blog & frequenting social media sites, I probably spend more than half my day perusing the world wide web. As I hop from site to site I typically save images I love leaving my desktop a complete cluster f**ck {excuse my french}! This evening as I was clearing my desktop I stumbled upon all these images I have saved over the last few months. I clearly have some sort of an obsession with pale pink, opalescent, gold and inspiring little quotes . . . Who's shocked?    


  1. Haha omg I do the saaame... the Genius Bar guys at Apple hate me, my computer memory is totally shot.

  2. I want that bedroom decor and studded bracelet like yesterday!