Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{D.I.Y Invitations} Holiday Soireé

It's been a few years since I have stayed home for the holidays. Last year I was in Egypt, the year before I was in Colorado and before that I truly can not even remember my whereabouts! This year we decided against traveling and I am already taking full advantage. We have picked out our perfect Christmas tree, filled the house with wreaths, lights, mistletoe & holiday scented candles! As we were making the house all pretty I totally caught the festive fever and decided to plan my own little holiday soireé! In an attempt to keep the party within a minimum budget I chose to make my own invitations. I had an idea of what I wanted and headed to Michael's where I found all the supplies I needed to create my Gingerbread House Decorating + Ginger Sparkler Sipping invites. The process was a bit tedious but because there were only a handful of invitations sent out {the thought of making more than a few batches of gingerbread frightens me} it didn't take longer than one afternoon.

I bought gold card stock to use as the gingerbread men and printed out a photo online of a gingerbread man to use as a stencil. I bought red paper to print the details of the party on, as well as sticky embellishments and red ribbon for a little glitz.
I used a hole punch and secured the gingerbread man to the invitation with a sparkly red ribbon.
I bought matching gold envelopes and sealed them with a G that I also found at Michael's. 


  1. Love this post!! This is Sooooooo Gigi.

  2. Heather, I wish you lived closer so you could come :(

  3. lovely pictures! great style! looking forward for new posts! o, and come check my latest posts! let me know if you follow, or if you already are one, so i can follow back! xoxo