Thursday, July 1, 2010

BFF Friday!

North Beach Festival, June 2010
{h&m-top, necklace-vintage, hat-bcbg maxazria, sunnies-tory burch, lipstick- maybelline coral crush}

A best friend is someone who you can spend days, weeks or even months apart from yet when you are back together everything is just as it always was. This is indefinitely true with my BFF Ashley. After growing up going to the same elementary school, middle school and high school we parted ways in 2004 once we both went off to college. Other than re-connecting over holidays, phone chats and a few summers the last several years our times spent together have been few and far between. After graduating from San Diego State University Ashley moved to San Louis Obisbo to become a manager and buyer for an adorable boutique called Coverings, yet realized after a few short years that  home really is where the heart is. I am SO happy to have Ash back and love being able to hit the town with her on the weekends, walk the reservior, go shopping and grab a cup of coffee all the while laughing our butt's off like we are giddy school girls again.

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