Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Blog: Oscar de la Rent-a-life

Hi hi everyone, Lindsey here. I've decided to commandeer the Ouf's blog since she's currently visiting the fam in Miami (ah, the rough life of a personal stylist). Anyhow, I thought I would share last weekend's experience at the Oscar de la Renta fashion show and benefit for the League to Save Lake Tahoe held at the Fritz lakefront estate. My sister, Justine, mom, Catherine, and myself look forward to this event every year and always have a phenomenal time. This year proved to be no different, although we were missing the Gigi on the guest list.
{Oscar de la Renta fashion show circa 2008}
Last Saturday began with a quick run into Tahoe House, typically our morning stop for the best coffee in town, but that morning was our stop for two bottles of chilled champagne... before 10:30am. We received some looks of curiosity and no doubt judgment, but let's just say they were jealous.
10:45am: All aboard the Saga, a 1930 38' Christ Craft Commuter. Normally a ride on this boat is an event in itself,  but with the captain and co-captain Ed and Deborah Scott joining us at our table, we were lucky enough to use this boat for our commute (ah, clever). Then.... pop the champagne and we're off.
11:30am: Arrive at the picturesque Fritz estate to find the Boucheron hosted bar reception in full swing.... these fashion folk don't mess around when it comes to drinking before noon... evidently me included. We hobnobbed among the SF glitterati and Tahoe locals alike, admiring the details of it all including this season's Oscar dresses adorned by those women, many giant hats, and many, many beautiful pieces of jewelry (but something tells me they weren't wearing their grandmother's costume jewelry as I was).
1pm: We take our seats at table 5 as the show is about to begin. Cue the typically inspiring and perfectly cool beats that Oscar has chosen, and here comes his 2011 Resort collection. Lust-worthy prints, high waisted trousers, embroidered silk blouses, obsess-worthy floor length ruffle dresses, and possibly the perfect flat billed straw hats..... despite the fact that my wardrobe rarely waivers from tones of black and white... I wanted every brightly colored piece that went down the runway. Sigh. The good news? Following the show, lunch and a very high-staked live auction, every guest is invited to admire, try on, and order (should you be so lucky) the clothing back stage.
We say our "hello's", "goodbye's" and "you look amazing's" and we're back on the boat heading towards reality. Attending this event always plants a wishful delight in your head that only high fashion at a lakefront could do to you. Until next year's event, I'll savor these iPhone photos with fond memories and an irrational desire to get my ass in gear and start making some money so this Oscar de la Rent-a-life can become a reality.


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