Friday, August 6, 2010

Crystal Clear

This past Monday I flew cross country to visit my Grandma {Gan Gan} and the rest of my family here in Miami Florida. As a little girl I spent my summers here {at the same home my mom grew up in} although the past several years I have not been able to visit as often as I would have liked. Every time I come to my grandmas tropical oasis I feel like that little girl again and it reminds me of the seemingly endless summers where I would run through her palm tree forest , go-cart around the property, make up dance routines with my cousins, pick mango's, pineapples & papayas from her tree's, play dress up with her abundance of jewels and clothes, spend hours on end cooling off in the pool and play cards inside once the mid-day tropical rain storms would start. I will always cherish those memories and only hope one day I can bring my kids here to enjoy the same types of summers that I was able to. Here are a few photos from our breathtaking day on the boat yesterday. The water was so crystal clear it felt as if we were in Bora Bora or on some sort of Caribbean island. 
After multiple harassing calls and e-mails I have finally accepted the fact that I am not going to be getting my camera back from the driver who took us up to Napa months ago. I will be setting aside some $$ in hopes to buy a new nifty camera along with a contraption that will permanently attach it to my person since I am the master of losing my camera. In the meantime, the iPhone photos will have to suffice.

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