Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's The Simple Things

{Photo circa 2007, taken in the backyard of my apartment in Florence, Italy}

It's easy to dwell on the little things that irritate you, but how often do you stop to compile a list of the simple things that make you indefinitely happy? Inspired by a post written by Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere I decided to take the time to jot down a few of my simple pleasures. While people come in and out of your life who alter your moods and feelings the reality is, you are in control of your own happiness. Without a humble confidence & little reminders of what make you happy the annoyances of life can take over. By taking the time to remind yourself of what those things are undoubtedly will put a smile on your face. I highly recommend everyone make their own list, and you absolutely do not have to stop at 10.

1. Watching and re-watching old home videos
2. My moms infectious laugh
3. Vanilla scented candles 
4. Realizing you have the exact amount of change you need
5. Exchanging smiles with a stranger
6. Sending & receiving thank you notes
7. Playing {and beating} my dad at backgammon
8. Picking up my dry cleaning
9. Peanut butter & fluff sandwiches 
10. Needing only to make eye contact with the person you are with to break out in laughter, because you know exactly what each other is thinking {most commonly happens with Ashley}

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