Friday, June 4, 2010

Sole Searching

How tall is too tall? Is there even such thing as too tall? What is the difference between model tall and giant tall? Pressing questions, I know. 
At 5'8 {ish} I consider myself on the taller end of the scale and find that a lot of girls my height stray away from wearing heels. As most I have met in that height range have the mentality that being the tallest person in the room is a bad thing, I have never have that outlook. I say, own it! A girl who is confident with her height and can properly walk in heel's {a must} undoubtedly turns heads. Even though I live by the "own it" mentality, I have never been known to trot around in sky high heels. Why? My parents so graciously gifted me with board flat feet which make for never ending jokes from my best friends & an uncomfortable night out if I am trying to dance, walk the hills of San Francisco or even stand for long periods of time. {Pathetic, I know} In an effort to save my feet from such discomfort I have sacrificed fashion at some points and opted for comfort. Now that I look into my newly organized shoe closet I find that my collection is lacking and I need to 'step' it up a bit. Enter, Sole Searching. My obsession du jour; neutral platforms or wedge's {the most comfortable yet stylish option for me} For the next few weekends I have made a pact with myself to spend less on nights out and save for a "shoedrobe makeover". 
Wish me luck.

A few great websites for sole searching : 


  1. The more height the better! And With these sort of thicker heels & chunky wedges - they aren't so bad to walk around in either ;) I love them all! I've been lusting over neutrals lately also.


  2. love this post!! you hit the height/fashion issue spot on. keep em comin' :)