Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Excuses, Excuses...

The last few weeks I have been uncharacteristically neglecting my blog, publishing one or less updates a week. Between 1. Work endeavor's {new clients, planning a TART Collections sample sale, photo shoots for new projects + more} 2. School {Im taking a dreaded math course online} and 3. Juggling my social life {I cram my week days full so I have Saturday and Sunday to play, which keeps me sane} I have had little to no time to sit down and write out a post that includes any sort of depth. Well, that was until this morning. I woke early to make myself a cup of café and submerge myself into the blog world. Knowing I had about 6 hours until any sort of commitment, I knew I could find something that inspired me to write out a decent post. I clearly had too high of hopes for myself because after my first round of checking emails I got side tracked on Gilt Groupe. If you are not yet familiar, Gilt is an invitation only shopping site where you can purchase luxury brands for up to 70% off. Each sale lasts for only 36 hours and items typically sell out quite rapidly making shopping that much more thrilling if you actually score the things you want in the correct sizes. This morning I found an amazing pair of Kelsi Dagger wedges as I was perusing Gilt and I knew I had to have them. The only problem? My size was already "in a members cart." This meant that A. I had to hope the person who was thinking to purchase them did not complete their order within the time allotted {8 min once you add it to your cart} and B. If they hadn't that I would be the next to add them to my cart before anyone else! I know stressful right...
So now 1 hour until my appointment, still not showered and ready I have a pretty weak blog post that includes nothing more than a example of my obsession with Gilt and inability to complete a task I try and force onto myself. Although...there is some good news. 
Kelsi Dagger Juno Wedge {Retail: $125, Gilt: $59}
If you are interested in becoming a Gilt Groupe member, simply comment below with your email address and I will send you an invitation to shop Gilt! 


  1. High five dvrling! I was considering those myself, but figured I didn't NEED them like I kept telling myself.


  2. I myself went a little nuts on Gilt today and bought a really cute Corey Lynn Calter romper and a Kenneth Jay Lane (my fav!) ring. Opps...

    XOXO, M