Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Can't Win Them All

In preparation for a little photo shoot I am doing tomorrow I scoured my favorite blog's & websites in hopes to get some inspiration on what to wear, how to do my hair, apply my makeup, accessorize...the whole nine. Here's a few looks I am hoping to re-create with what I have in my closet.
I recently bought a pair of gold studded leggings from TART. They are not as extravagant as the ones shown above but I'm thinking they would photograph really well & give the outfit a lot of texture.
I am in need of a visit to David at Cowboys and Angels for a hair cut / color although I'm kinda digging the stringy hair look with some roots showing like MK is donning here. This 'do' is screaming "I spent a long time making my hair look like I just rolled out of bed/ jumped out of the ocean" and I like it.
I recently salvaged a really great acid washed jean button down my dad was trying to throw out similar to the one shown here on my friend Liz of Late Afternoon. I'm thinking to pair it with the studded leggings or even a mini metallic floral skirt I wore here
Long lashes, pink cheeks, feline eyes. My makeup muse. 
Obsessed with the turban that SJP wore in Sex and the City 2. If I could figure out how to make it (pretty sure I could find some sort of fabric in that pattern/colors) I think it would be a great addition to any ensemble. 

Hope the shoot goes well, Ill post pictures as soon as I receive them!
{images via Studded Hearts, FashionGoneRogue,Late Afternoon & Olsens Anonymous}

On another note, I have a funny little message to share.
 In an attempt to help promote my blog my sweet friend Kim suggested my Facebook Fan Page to all of her facebook friends. This morning she received a message back regarding her suggestion of my fan page from her cousin. It was too funny for me not to post with his spelling errors, grammar mistakes and all...enjoy.
My Biggest 'Fan' -
"why would i want to like, Gigi ouf: the blob? i have no clue who gig is. i assume she is adam's sister, but still i have never met the girl. so therefore, however why would i want to read "gig out the blog". now hence because i am such a great cousin i will parouse, GIGI OUF: THE BLOG. but for me to go as far as to liking "gigi out the blog" i would need to more of this gigi and the like.well kimberley i must now get in the shower for work and such so please excuse me and respond back with some information as to why i should consider gigi ouf, the blog as part of my daily reading"
** UPDATE : I highly recommend reading the 1st. comment below for his "apology" It's priceless


  1. I apologize that at around 7 am this morning my spelling and grammar had yet to kick in. I especially apologize for saying GIGI OUF THE BLOB. You see the letter "b" is right underneath the "g" Next time I will try to remember to run my hungover/morning stone thought's through the spell checker for you. I was simply trying to ask my cousin why a man such as myself with no interest in the fashion world, who is more of a beer and football kind of guy, would be interested in gigiouf:theblog a fashion blog. I fully realized what she was trying to do, by helping to spark up the interest in GIGI OUF: THE BLOG not blob that was an error. The reality is, I was just trying to ask my cousin why she would suggest I like GigiOuf,the blog. I did not even expect to hear back form her.BTW I went ahead and "liked GIGIOUF<>THEBOLB"after sending that message. Your welcome, No Thank You's necessary.
    Now, it does turn out that the suggestion from my cousin for my to Like GIGI OUF...THEBLOG. served it's purpose, because here I am, instead of watching sports center, I'm perusing GIGI OUF: THE BOLG. Also, I would like to wish you the best of luck in the little photo shoot you're doing tomorrow.
    ps if there are any spelling and or grammar errors, deal with it.

  2. Gigi, I think you just found your future husband.

    XOXO, M

  3. Let us know how the shoot goes! Also I've been intrigued by turbans, but haven't the guts to try it just yet. OH and I'm in love with the "I spent a lot of time making my hair look like I lounge by the ocean all day" look.


  4. Lovin Gig the blob. Deal with it. :)