Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Here's A Tale For All The Fellas

There are few things more attractive than a well dressed man. I've dated my fair share of guys who have had questionable style, and I've never let it be a deal-breaker for me. Unless they aren't willing to take some advice from their girlfriend, who ultimately wants them to look good, or they have a love for Teva's & all things Patagonia {those are hard wardrobe habits to break} I can usually work my magic. As much as I like a dapper looking fella, I find it semi charming when a guy needs a ladies help navigating a department store & getting dressed. When it comes to wardrobe rules as it pertains to men, the fit is the key. Pants should not be too baggy yet not too snug. The shirt should not drag on the ground or turn into a crop top if they reach for a high five. The shoes should be clean and jacket should be tailored. Simple enough, right? Lots of guys argue, "I just don't care" but the bottom line is ... If you look good you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, you get paid good. The design team behind Comune prove season after season they know how to make a guy look good, and their Fall 2010 collection is no different. Take notes, fellas. 

Want to purcahse Comune? Check out the stocklist here.
*Oh, and check out my friend Eric. He likes to eat chowdah, surf powdah & he dig's Comune too.


  1. I had no idea Pedro from Neapolitan Dynamite was a model.

    XOXO, Melissa

  2. Gigi, what do you do when your boyfriend has a better sense of style than you do? I love your blog.