Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shaka Brah

I have always been intrigued with the lifestyle, culture, and unique jargon of surfers but unfortunately my board skills lack in a major way. The only time I have actually attempted surfing was years ago in Malibu and it was not a successful experience. Last year I tried paddle boarding in Lake Tahoe {after a few too many cocktails} which was even worse resulting in a scar on my upper right thigh. If you thought that was bad, the last time I wake boarded I chipped my front tooth in half AND THEN when I tried the intermediate slopes on my snowboard the lift operator told me I had to learn how to actually dismount the chair without falling before I could come back on. In my defense, I don't completely suck at life, I can snow ski and water ski with the best of them I guess boards just are not my thing. After multiple failed attempts on any sort of board I am still determined to learn how to master the surfboard and I think next summer that will be my # 1 priority. That means multiple trips to visit my cousins in Manhattan Beach and actually taking Rex { a surf instructor Heather and I met in Maui } up on lessons. Until then i'll just enjoy being a spectator and with that I have no complaints! I mean, there aren't many things that make a guy hotter than watching him crushing it in the water. Now, excuse me while I attempt to track down the bonified surfing legend Rob Machado for a few tips.

{images via vogue & the magic bus}

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  1. you can borrow my surfer brah if you'd like ;)