Saturday, May 1, 2010

Exquisite Exposure

It's soon to be that time of the month when the Alameda flea market opens for the thrifty trendsetters to stampede the gates in hopes to score the best deals on clothing, accessories and home furnishings. Last time I visited the flea market I bought multiple pairs of clip-on stud earrings {shown here} similar to the extravagance of the ones this model in the first picture is donning. I couldn't believe the assortment of costume jewelry the vendor had acquired so this time around I fully intend to ambush his booth again in hopes for more great finds. My wish list includes: new bangles, chunky necklaces and of course I can never have too many earrings. I’m bringing my mom along with me to get a new {vintage} patio set for our family's new bocce ball court so I can start planning the second annual springtime soiree...I live for this stuff.
{Image’s via noirfacade}

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