Monday, May 10, 2010

Mindfully Mixed Up

Jenna Lyons, executive creative director at J.Crew and phenomenon behind the company's reinvention sat down with Oprah the other day to talk about her glamorous dream job. She touched on first lady Michelle Obama's impact on the company's recent success and gave tips on how to keep your look innovative and fresh. Here are a few of her easy to embrace tips everyone can benefit from which inspired the photos above. 

* Make a statement with jewelry
* Balance feminine pieces with tomboy accents, like a military blazer
* Wear opposites. If you're wearing something tailored, sprinkle in some sequins
* Mix textures—pair tweed with silk, for example

You can check out a sneak peak of a day in the life of Jenna Lyons here, closet envy to the max.

{images via fashion gone rouge & studdedhearts}

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