Sunday, October 23, 2011

Party Animals

I'll admit it, I LOVE my birthday. I have never been the type to shy away from the attention or presents, and in fact, I have been planning my own birthday party since I can remember. I think it is important to embrace your birthday and surround yourself with people who you love to celebrate the beginning of another year in your life! So, that is exactly what I did! On October 14th, about 30 of my friends gathered at Don Pistos {the BEST Mexican joint in SF, no contest} for a delicious meal, decked out in the silliest party favors I could get my hands on. Animal noses, tacky party hats, over sized kazoo's, foam visors, bunny ears, huge neon sunglasses and of course, sombreros. {See a little trend here?} I thought turning 25 was going to be a little bitter sweet, but so far ... it has been less bitter and more sweet! Thank you to all my friends who came from far and wide to make this my best birthday yet! I adore you all. xxo 

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