Thursday, June 16, 2011

Better Together

{Left to Right, Heather, me, Justine & Mary at Municipal Winemakers}

When I was just 17, I left the nest and moved to the beautiful city of Santa Barbara. Being so young and moving 300 miles away from home can be difficult, although my transition into the "real word" was made that much simpler when I met two of my very best friends, Heather & Mary. After our first year in the dorms Heather, Mary and I decided to get our own place on Del Playa, the classiest street in Isla Vista {jokes} and my cousin Julia joined the party as our fourth roomie. It has been about four years since the four of us lived there together so we decided to make a trip back this past weekend for a little reunion, and to visit my youngest cousin Justine who now resides in our old stomping grounds. We spent the weekend wine tasting, eating delicious food, drinking skinny girl margaritas {Heather's latest obsession} and dancing in the clubs we were formally not old enough to get into, all the while reminiscing and laughing about all of our crazy college antics. Not only am I blessed with the best friends a girl could ask for, but my family is pretty top notch too ;) . 


  1. Aw fun!! Great pics, Gigi -- your hair looks RAD! xo

  2. Ah! i miss santa barbara dearly! i hope to call it home again one day.

    where is this charming, rustic wine bar that you gals went to? looks fun!

  3. Thank you, Laura!! xx

    And Sarah, it's called Municipal Winemakers, it was downtown. So fun and great vino :)