Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Peek Inside My Pocketbook

To a man, a woman's purse is a mysterious dungeon. If my dad, brother or male friend ever ask for something that's inside my bag, never fail they will bring the entire purse over in fear that if they reach inside their fingers will be chopped off by some sort of trap. There is an aura of taboo when it comes to a closed handbag because the depths of a woman's purse is indeed personal, although what you may find inside a ladies bag might be disappointingly less exiting than what was imagined. Here is a peek of some of the essentials {loose receipts removed for the quality of photos} you will find in my A.Wang handbag on the regular. 

A few beauty products that go with me everywhere : Origins VitaZing energy boosting moisturizer, I swear by aquaphor as the 'do everything' creme, Roto arctic eye drops, Chanel powder blush in tempting beige, Chanel lip gloss #77, Stila makeup brush, Stila convertible color for lips & cheeks in Petunia. 
My wallet & keys with sentimental key chains.
DVF spectacles 
My chunky outdated ipod loaded with all my favorite tunes in a Coach case. 
My go-to sunnies by Tory Burch. 
My iPhone 4: my calendar, my work, my social life, my entertainment, aka my life.
Lollia Handcreme not only smells wonderful but it is amazingly moisturizing. 


  1. no disposable panties?

  2. that hand cream look beautious - must have. | |

  3. this is definitely the G rated version.... and i really wish that didn't coincide with your first name becuase "G rated" and "Gigi rated" are two entirely different things...

  4. hahahaha. dont blow my cover, Linds!

  5. what are you driving ? VW or Audi ? :) Love the sunglasses. Check out this boutique and send me your feedback you big fashionista !