Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Personal Style

There is something about New York Fashion Week that brings out the inner fashion risk taker in everyone. The Lincoln Center and streets of Manhattan are filled with ladies and gents dressed to the nines {or their personal interpretation of 'the nines'} in hopes that Mr. Bill Cunningham of The New York Times or Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist will snap their photo. For one person, 'dressed to the nines' may be a vintage Chanel Suit and Louboutin's, but for another -- it's a pair of ripped Levi 501's, tailored blazer and spike embellished shoes.
 "Fashion Fades, Style Remains The Same" - Coco Chanel
Personal style is all over the place and all the rules have changed. No white after labor day is now an entirely passé fashion faux pah and dark denim jeans are becoming increasingly acceptable in the workplace. Here are a few of my favorite photos, snapped on the streets during Spring 2012 NYFW. To me, each image exudes a confident portrayal of their own personal style.

**{all images via Harper's BAZAAR

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