Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Little Extra Boost...

 I don't know about you, but these days a good ol' fashion Cup Of Joe just doesn't do it for me anymore. Between pursuing a degree in Fashion Journalism at Academy of Art University, interning at Ruby Press PR and juggling a personal styling business & blog on the side, my energy level doesn't match my go-go-go lifestyle. Sure, I have tried vitamins & herbs and don't get me wrong, those options are all groovy, but sometimes you just need a little extra boost. Enter, Hi*Ball Sparkling Energy Water. This SF based company has been around since 2004 although just recently they have re-designed their packaging {as mentioned here} and I have to really is tres chic. I know, you don't usually describe cans of caffeine as 'chic' but look at this retro inspired packaging! Added bonus? You will always know when your beverage is ready for sippin' because the little “bubbles” on the cans turn blue when the beverage gets to a temperature of 45F. Take that, Coors Light! I was a fan of Hi*Ball Sparkling Water from my first sip, but now I think I may be bordering on an addiction to this seriously fashionable drink.
But hey, as they say..."It's good energy"!

*click here to find out where you can buy some good energy for yourself.


  1. im really into trying this now! think i've seen it at whole foods... ps i need to get you a bottle of voli vodka to try!! i think it will go great with your party-work-party-work weekend lifestyle! its low cal + electrolytes so no hangover :)